Vocaloid MAD post- ‘Be Myself’

It’s time for a belated post about Vocaloids!
I was planning to have this section for every week, however with exams approaching and internet download limit enroaching, it may be a while before I show the next one.  I’ll try to showcase at least 3 MADs for every weekly Vocaloid post; however for my first one I’d just like the put the spotlight on one in particular.
This lovely little video ‘Be Myself’ was gracing the weekly top 10 Vocaloid rankings a few weeks back, and stars the oft-forgotten and sadly underrated Meiko. Since she doesnt get a lot of MADs to star in, particularly of this level of quality, I’d like to share it. My thoughts on it after the cut.

I really do feel sorry for Meiko; her small bit of recognition she had for being ‘the mature one’ was pretty much taken away when Megurine Luka came out, and her bland costume design probably didnt help her. She’s been given a costume redesign courtesy of her fans which you can see her, and isnt it just adorable? Meiko’s voice is also lovely; since she uses the original Vocaloid engine, although she’s rumoured to be much harder to use, her range is far broader than the Vocaloid2 engine. (And arguably even the Vocaloid3, Luka) This is the first time I’ve seen her sing such a cute, upbeat kind of song (although I’m sure she has in the past, Meiko songs have a habit of slipping under the radar). This song I think is a cover, although I’m not familiar with it, so please share if you are! In any case it certainly suits Meiko;  I hope that by merely ‘being herself’ she can make a bit of a comeback from the obscurity she was in a short while ago. (Indeed, Meiko does seem to be making some sort of  comeback as there a quite a few new songs by her sneaking into the top 10 now and then)
As for the video itself, it looks like it was made using the ‘MikuMiku Dance’ software (well, MeikoMeiko Dance, I should say), however it seems a little more high-quality than that to me.  It’s very well-done, Meiko’s dancing is adorable, and the way her skirt sways every time she moves her hips is almost hypnotic. I also love how there’s so many little details, such as her hair moving. For a character who was generally perceived as ‘the sexy oneesan’ type, she sure is adorable here.
This video and song just makes me happy; the song, Meiko’s cuteness, her dancing, and the fact that she really does give the impression that she’s live on stage. Fight, Meiko!

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