Quite possibly one of the cutest gifts I have ever received. Follow the cut for some serious Adorable. Remember to click the pics for the full size!

I love how it has to say KAITO 3 times on the front of the box, just in case you didnt notice at first.

I love how it has to say ‘KAITO’ 3 times on the front of the box, just to make sure you can see that yes, it’s Kaito.

Those who know me will know that certain fondness for the adorkable Vocaloid  Kaito. When I saw his nendoroid form unveiled some time last year I lamented that I didnt have enough money at the time, and was sad to see him slowly go out of stock in nearly every online retailer. However, a good friend of mine got him for me as a present from an ebay store, and although I dont trust ebay with nendoroids (the place is crawling with bootlegs), I’m proud to report this is the legit, Crypton-endorsed Kaito nendoroid from Goodsmile. So then, the package:

Creepy disembodied nendoroid heads, staring into your soul.

Creepy disembodied nendoroid heads, staring into your soul.

As you can see, besides his main face and body, there’s two extra faces, an icecream, two extra arms (one a clenched fist and one with a hole that the icecream slots into), his iconic scarf and an extra leg, which is slightly bent. And of course, although not pictured, the stand. Let’s take him out and get a look at him, then, after putting his scarf on.

Yay! Out of the box!

Yay! Out of the box!

Okay. Is that not the most adorable face. I’m slightly ashamed to admit it but just looking at him sends me into convulsions of fangirlish glee. His face is similar to the other Vocaloid nendoroids; meaning that he was based more off Kei’s art and not the rather ugly box-art of the Kaito vocaloid program. Besides his cute little smile, he’s got the faintest pink tinge on his cheeks. As seen here, you can move his arms around without any hindering from his giant head, unlike some other nendoroids. Also, when his scarf is on it creates the impression that its fluttering in the breeze, which is a nice touch. His costume isnt as detailed as the other nendoroids, but perhaps to make up for that his coat is painted with a silver sheen to it, so that it almost has a metallic sparkle.  I said something in the Hetalia figures review about my ‘moe love’ for sleeves-concealing-most-of-the-hand, which is present in this figure if you let his arms hang at his sides. Like other nendoroids his hair has a nice gradient with shading; and there’s something really sturdy about it. When I’m taking off his bangs to change his face, it just feels alot easier than with some other nendoroids where I feel I have to be really careful if I dont want to snap any hair. One thing I really like about him is his stand, it non-intrusively grips his feet, and his coat hangs around it and conceals it almost completely. It’s also very easy to get him in and out of it, and you cant really knock him over unless you really want to.

This picture contains SPOILERS of future figure reviews.

This picture contains SPOILERS of future figure reviews.

Now I’m not really sure if it was part of the official design or not, but there are some pictures of Kaito (and cosplay, as well) where he has a symbol on the back of his coat. Sometimes it’s an M (if you could share with me what this means I’d like to know), I think I’ve seen a ‘K’ sometimes too. Nendoroid Kaito has neither of these. I dont really care, though, because I’d much rather look at him from the front. The back of his hair is oddly smooth (other nendoroids have had more detail here), but again, the front is more important. There’s much more detail on his fringe, in any case. Anyway, time to look at the extras.

-waves back- :

-waves back- <:

Here we have his happy face, which is one of the most adorable happy faces I’ve seen on a nendoroid, rosey cheeks and all. He also has the clenched-fist arm on, although the hands on all arms are also detachable so you can make him look like he’s waving if you want. The scarf can also go in front, which makes him look quite cute. He’s also got the extra bent leg on, although its kind of hard to tell here. Having one bent leg basically makes his poses look a bit less stiff (although its also to recreate his pose from the Kaito program boxart).

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah 3

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ❤

The inclusion of the icecream makes it clear that this figure was designed with fans in mind, particularly the kind that love Kaito for his moe points. (for example, me.) You could also substitute a microphone for his icecream to make it look like he’s happily singing if you own any of the other Vocaloid nendoroids that have microphones. (Kaito doesnt, by the way, although he does have his headset. No one really seems to think of how superfluous it is for the other Vocaloids to have their headset-mics along with a handheld mic, but then again no one really cares either) The icecream could be a little more detailed, though.

Try to look at this face without laughing.

Try to look at this face without laughing.

As most nendoroids come with a ‘gag’ face, Kaito is no exception, his is the ‘hero face’ from a famous (and ridiculous) Vocaloid seinen-parody MAD, ‘Urotanda’. Like the icecream, things like the inclusion of this face really do signify how fan-based everything about Vocaloid is. This face is also what the clenched first is meant to be used with. It’s pretty damn funny, and makes me laugh just looking at it, but I dont display him like this because I prefer his cute faces. For those of you who havent seen Urotanda, never fear:

Of course, this figure has some faults. Tiny, tiny faults, but faults that I have to address in a review all the same. The first is the icecream, despite being not incredibly detailed, its not incredibly well made. For example the stick is clear plastic with colour painted over it, however putting it in Kaito’s hand scraped part of this paint off rather easily. The part that’s scraped off doesnt really matter because its concealed by his hand anyway.  The second is the flipside of the stand I love, and that’s that it limits how you can move his legs. You can do quite  a few things with the balljoints in his legs, but most of the time he wont fit back into the stand like that. The only other thing is that the two spare arms are both for the same side so you cant use both of them at the same time.  Otherwise, he’s an exceedingly darling figure that I’m very happy to have on my desk. He’s not as detailed as many other nendoroids but that suits me just fine.

I mean...come on.

I mean…come on.

Obviously my verdict on the figure will be biased due to how much of a Kaito fan I am. Basically, the more you love Kaito, the more satisfied you’ll be with a figure like this. And I really, really love Kaito. For rendering him this adorably, his out-of-5 melonpan rating is:


Where to buy:

Kaito sold out pretty quick in most places but he is here, as of the date of this entry:


Otherwise try your luck with ebay; I got mine from an ebay shop called Samurai Toys (although they’re sold out of him as of now). I’d personally exercise alot of caution with ebay, however.  I’m not sure if bootleg Kaito nendoroids exist yet, but they certainly do (and are rampant on ebay at ‘too good to be true prices’) of Hatsune Miku.