Who let the creepy stick-butt dog in.

I think I may as well officially give up even trying to make sense of those little intro…’stories’ that precede the opening credits, which are only getting more and more bizarre. That way lies madness.
The first phrase of the day is something Nozomu refers to as ‘back-scratching’ in media and everyday-life and how it can have the opposite of the desired effect. The first example is the sign for the senior’s graduation ceremony which labels it as a ‘teary graduation’, and he feels that it wont be teary now that they’ve blatantly labelled it as such. The basic idea is that ‘hyping’ something to be a certain adjective often results in people not finding it to be that particular adjective, and of course all the girls pipe in with their examples. Kiri’s is that she found herself unable to laugh at a program that called itself ‘hilarious’. Nozomu calls this the ‘back-scratch’ phenomena; when something gets overly back-scratched (heaped with too many adjectives that expect certain responses from an audience), they fail.



It was amusing enough, but I don’t think this skit was one of the stronger gags in Zetsubou-sensei to be honest. The only time I really laughed was at an example of a certain manga whose advertising campaign was a little ‘back-scratchy’:


Well, it's true. 'Interesting' is just one of the words you could use.

The highlight of the gag was when everyone again ended up in some weird dimension where everything is overly back-scratched, and in an ‘overly backstratched’ cafe play an odd card-game where the goal seems to be to try and lose the terribly lame ‘back-scratchy’ adjectives/prefixes; apparently similar to the game Old Maid.

Love the background here.

Love the background here.


Background-girl's looking kinda cool.

Nozomu ends up losing, ending up with the card for the prefix ‘Big Bang’ and thus he becomes ‘Big Bang Sensei’. This would have been the perfect time for a ‘ZETSUBOUSHITA’ over the terrible nickname, but for some reason SHAFT didn’t take the opportunity… (where have Nozomu’s ‘zetsuboushita’s been lately, anyway? He seems to have given up on wanting to die a long time ago as well)

One of the other corny names he got was this

One of the other corny 'names' he got was this, 'Hyper Media Creator Zetsubou'. Rin always looks so gorgeous~

Marias so cute in this hat!

Maria's so cute in this hat!

I found the next joke alot more amusing, which stems from Kiri getting agitated over a ‘leap second’ that was added to a year. Where did that second come from? The rest point out that it’s not something you should even think or care about as it’s ‘only a second’, but both Kiri and Nozomu both get quite amusingly agitated and bothered by the ‘leap second’. This sets the stage for the ‘leap’ gag…things that were always there but you have no idea where they came from, or if you can be a hundred percent sure if they were there are all. (even if all evidence indicates they were)

Ah, I love clocks.

Ah, I love clocks.

Heres a really nice shot.

Here's a really nice shot.

Nozomu explains the existence of ‘leap people’, and I think this was the best extended gag of the episode because for once I know exactly what he is talking about. In fact, my sister and I actually discuss this phenomena a lot. People that seem to only exist to fill something up, or vote for something. For example, the winners of contests are generally always people you have never heard of, even though they’ve always been there technically, they must be ‘leap people’. Examples given by the show is the Tokyo Dome’s capacity for the day listed as being a number far greater than what it seemed inside (what with all the empty seats), protesters claiming participation of over 10,000 when only 1000 or so actually participated (the other 9000 were surely leap-people), CDs that no one buys topping the Oricon charts (surely leap people brought them!) and a certain manga being a best-seller. I cracked up all the way through this, because I really can relate.

Kafuka believes Leap-People are important!

Kafuka believes Leap-People are important!

Kiri gets so agitated about the presence of Leap People (after a slew of hilarious examples) that she thinks it best that she ‘cull the population’ to return things to order. Harumi however has a shocking revelation…Kiri may actually be a leap person herself!

A criminal is you!

A criminal is you!

Her reasoning is that once a long time ago, a girl had a party where she only invited five people, but six showed up. This girl she never invited, what could be classified as a ‘leap person’, was Kiri! I’m not sure how long ago this was, but Kiri sure does look cute in this get-up.


I'd let Kiri crash my party, but only if she didn't bring that shovel.

Now classified as a ‘leap person’, Kiri is taken away by a group of freaky ‘leap performers’ who I’m sure are a parody of some band or another that I cant currently think of the name of. The others all go along to watch the Leap Performances by other Leap People (the most amusing example probably being ‘the leap members of an idol group that grew too big’ . Chiri’s part in the performance is the rather horrifying technique of being able to curse someone with ‘Leap Guts’…that is, doing something to a part of their body they do not need, and thus gives Nami appendicitis.


Looking good there, Kiri.


Aaaand here's what all the Leap-People actually look like. Nozomu's face...

…Now I’m really not sure exactly what the hell was going on in the following 31 seconds or so, but whatever it was, it was cute. Nozomu found a dog and snuggled it. And then started eating its ear. Uh. And then Harumi comes along with dog ears(or cat ears) and tries to woo him or something. And I wonder what SHAFT are on half the time but whatever it is I hope they stay on it.


I cannot get over how cute this image is.




How could this have no effect.

The final part of the episode is the continuation from episode 4; where Nozomu has been taken out on a date with Abiru due to something his body-double did. Nozomu freaks out a little and asks her if she’ll let him go, making reference to the Buddhist holiday Houjoue, a day where one does good deeds such as setting free fish or animals that they catch, or overlooking/ignoring the mistakes of others. Therefore he requests Harumi let him go and ignore the mistake of his body double.

I still dont get how he could refuse a date with this.

I still dont get how he could refuse a date with this.

Surprisingly enough, it is Kafuka that makes the comparison between this style of ‘kindness of ignoring” and something a lot less savoury in the mindset of Japanese people, and uses Nozomu in all her examples, calling it ‘Through Life’. Ignoring people passed out on the street, ignoring the way the neighbours treat their children, ignoring bullying, etc. The way she says this all rather happily is quite morbidly hilarious, although I did think the Leap People joke was funnier. She goes on to describe ‘Through Food’; which has its own store, apparently, with various foodstuffs people that people can blissfully ignore whatever the hell is actually in them. You wouldn’t find me shopping there.


Kafuka sure can look evil when she wants to.

Episode five’s drawing song features the painfully adorable combination of Meru and Majiru. Majiru’s singing voice is just too cute; although because Meru doesn’t talk, he’s singing by himself. Meru’s picture also cracked me up a lot because she drew all the steps in the lyrics completely literally…

Merus looks like some kind of squid-monster...

Meru's looks like some kind of squid-monster...

Another enjoyable episode! There’s really not much to say here besides “it was funny and the artistry is lovely”, really. A bit high on the WTFometer, but in a good way. I think. Out of 5,