Theres always time to be evil.

There's always time to be evil.

Umi Monogatari is becoming a lot…darker, in more ways than one, with the cheesy magical-girl part all but abandoned at the moment. This works in its favour as it’s a lot easier to take it seriously, and things have gotten quite serious. The Solar Eclipse has been going for a puzzlingly long time, far longer than it’s meant to in fact, which is freaking Marin out. The darkness has little effect on Kanon, who seems used to it, but it has caused a great change in the mermaid sisters. Marin has become very upset, and often says things she doesn’t mean to Kanon, which in turn confuses her. The real danger is Urin, who is hating the Sky World more and more. She watches a lost girl reunite with her mother – the girl ran off because she was jealous of the attention the baby was receiving – and feels disgusted with the selfishness of Sky Dwellers. Which is quite ironic considering her jealousy of Kanon.

Poor Urin...

Poor Urin...

The girl and the baby making up was very cute, though.

The girl and the baby making up was very cute, though.

Under the influence of this darkness, Marins personality does a total 180.

Under the influence of this darkness, Marin's personality does a total 180.

One of the best things in this episode was the beautiful recurring visual motif of butterflies. Said butterflies were purple and glowing, and appear more and more throughout the episode before coming in a swarm, from the sea. There’s a sense of eerie foreboding about them, and they also seem to transport the ‘enemy’ we saw briefly in episode 5, as well as Urin, who is obviously then possessed by something.


I really love the way they look.


Here comes the swarm, which weirds out the civilians.

Also, said ‘enemy’, although when she appears and we get a good look at her, it seems like she may not actually be an enemy at all. However when she appears before Kanon and Marin they treat her as one, only to come to the shocking realization that they can not transform in this darkness. So they run instead, leaving this…creature? behind, although she seemed to be trying to talk to them… I really love her design, by the way. I thought she was too cute to be an enemy, so I guess I was right.

She looks a bit like a Magical Idol Singer that escaped from a different anime.

She looks a bit like a Magical Idol Singer that escaped from a different anime.


Close-up...she's very pretty!

As the two flee, they make it to the rocks where the shrine maiden is still singing; which is the first time anyone has actually gotten within a proximity of this singer, as she’s always standing apart from everyone. I’ve been quite curious about her, I must admit. When they reach her, Marin feels a lot calmer as a result of the song, and the eclipse ends. When the light returns, the two are able to transform again…but when they do, the singer is gone. She somehow ended up above them, and watches them, and for the first time we see a closeup of her face with her eyes open, and there’s definitely more to her than someone who sings during festivals…


After all the darkness, this looked quite striking.

Friend or Foe?

Friend or Foe?

There’s a little bit more of Kanon’s ‘friend’ being the bipolar bitch she is, reverting to a sparkly happy-girl when she sees Kojima, Kanon’s ex. Meanwhile, Kanon’s mother and Matsumoto manage to find Kanon and Marin, worrying that something may have happened. All are blissfully unaware about the true danger being with Urin, so no one bats an eye when she appears before them, completely expressionless. Only at dinner that night does Marin start thinking something seems a little bit strange about her.


Until now I didn't even realize they were both wearing orange overalls...which is really cute.

So Urin, any reason why you turned into a zombie, or are you just entering the emo phase of adolescence?

"So Urin, any reason why you turned into a zombie, or are you just entering the emo phase of adolescence?"

During the meal another friend of Kanon rings and tells her to turn on the TV; the festival is being covered on live news and said friend wanted Kanon to see her on TV. However, Kanon’s mother’s sharp eyes spot something more interesting in the crowd of people on-screen, Kojima and Bitch (I cant even remember her name, okay, and this one is more fitting) walking quite closely together in the background. Kanon pretends not to notice this, although gets quite adorably flustered in her attempts to be non-chalant.

Kanon cares little for your 5 minutes of fame.

Kanon cares little for your 5 minutes of fame.

While she is doing this, Urin says (quite expressionlessly) that she has lost Kanon’s ring. If this bothers Kanon, she doesn’t show it, and shrugs it off, saying that she tried to throw it away anyway so Urin shouldn’t stress over it. Of course, the ring isn’t really ‘lost’…it just seemed to turn into some strange, faint butterfly-shaped tattoo around Urin’s finger.


This face seems so hilariously unnatural for Kanon.

Despite her saying that the lost ring doesn’t bother her, or that seeing Kojima with Bitch doesn’t bother her…later on it looks like perhaps it might, just a little.

Kanon, you can do better than him. Get yourself someone with a personality.

Kanon, you can do better than him. Get yourself someone with a personality.

Later, Marin and Matsumoto talk about Urin, and we learn that Urin also has some powers but she is too young to use them properly, and Matsumoto suggests that Marin let Sam and Warin look after her. Marin states very clearly that she does not find her a burden and would never want to part with her. Matsumoto suggests that she keep an eye on her. I suggest the same thing. Because unbeknownest to Marin and Matsumoto both, Urin seems to have gotten some powers of her own from a very different source. The strange ‘girl’ who isn’t an enemy comes to their house in the night, but Urin is there to meet her. She speaks some cryptic words about the girl not accepting Sedna’s power and then attacks her with the ‘ring’, which turns her back into some kind of turtle thing.


Emo-loli just got dangerous.


...Does it have bows on its head? The girl didn't look remotely like a turtle with bows on its head...

The others heard the commotion and came to see if Urin was alright, and she tells Marin that she doesn’t need protecting. She then gets a little ‘angry’ (although her face doesn’t change), and says that it’s all Kanon’s fault ‘that things turned out this way’, and promptly leaves. As the episode ends, Urin, back in her mermaid attire, says goodbye and falls off a cliff into the sea. Which looks eerily like a suicide until you remember that she’s a mermaid.
Every time I think I know where this anime is headed it goes and throws me off  its track like this. Which I’m really liking, by the way. This episode had a very different tone to the others so far, and was quite atmospheric. The butterflies were beautiful, and I’m really interested in the new character. I’m enyoying this show, and this episode made it feel like less of a guilty pleasure than it usually does. Out of 5,