Well you dont see that every day.

Well you dont see that every day.

It’s time for a new arc, although Mayoi is still hanging around to follow Koyomi whenever he walks about the town.  This episode introduces a new character, one who makes sure she makes a lasting impression on the audience by her rather interesting entrance. This episode also opens with a whole load of clips of monkeys, which had me incredibly confused for a while but the ‘monkey’ term seems like it’ll play a pivotal role in this arc. Anyway, this new character literally jumps right into the scene, scaring off Mayoi as a result.


Koyomi's face makes me laugh.

She’s a girl Koyomi is familiar with; apparently, the rest of the school is as well; Kanbaru Suruga, the ace of the basketball team. She initiates a rather random conversation with him…the current issues in this morning’s newspaper, for example, and the fact that she isn’t at basketball practice because her hand is injured. These injuries capture Koyomi’s attention, but he knows that she had some motive for talking to her. She seems like a pretty interesting, rather quirky character, at any rate.


Koyomi got into SHAFT's drugs.


I really like the scenery and perspective in this shot.

A close-up to better see her face...

A close-up to better see her face. She seems quite tomboy-ish.

Suruga seems very curious about the fact that Koyomi was on his way to study with Hitagi, although the reason isn’t clear. After she leaves, Mayoi comes back and Koyomi tells her that this girl has been tailing him for the past few days. There’s a rather amusing little joke when Mayoi says that she must be in love with him and Koyomi wonders when he became the main character of a dating-sim, proclaiming that he has already won ‘the hardest character”. I really like the matter-of-fact way the characters throw in these random otaku references. They’re not in your face or anything, just subtle.


Cute shot of Mayoi.

Hitagi doesnt seem to like being described as the toughest character...

Hitagi doesn't seem to like being described as 'the toughest character'...

Once at Hitagi’s house and studying with her, I cant help but think that these two have almost zero chemistry. Hitagi is still insulting him at any given opportunity, and it seems that Koyomi still hasn’t completely adjusted to the idea of being lovers. Hitagi seems to have a better idea than him; she actually puts forward the idea of both of them living together in the future. There’s quite a bit of talking, but aside from some references to the ‘future’, it’s really not that much different to how it was before they became a couple. That is, until Koyomi brings up the topic of Suruga and in an instant, Hitagi goes batshit insane.

Stationery is still her weapon of choice I see. Although its not like she had anything else on hand...

Stationery is still her weapon of choice I see. Although it's not like she had anything else on hand...


Still terrifying.

Jealous Hitagi was very scary, but fun to cap.

Jealous Hitagi was very scary, but fun to cap.

After the comes very close to stabbing his eye out with a pen, Koyomi assures her of his faithfulness. It seems that even if she acts as though he doesn’t mean much to her, she wont tolerate anybody trying to steal her man. Even if he’ll be the one that gets punished for it. She tells him that she knows Suruga too, and interestingly enough, that Suruga is the only person besides him that knows about her ‘condition’. Although Suruga also tried to help her, she stopped when Hitagi reacted violently, unlike Koyomi. She also says that apart from that incident, she doesn’t know Suruga well at all.

Seems like a nice place to live...

Seems like the place she lives is pretty run-down...

I love the way the background looks here.

I love the way the background looks here.

Koyomi senses that there’s a bit more to this, so after he leaves her house he calls Tsubasa on the way home, who knows a lot more about both Hitagi and Suruga. What she tells him is a complete contradiction to what Hitagi said, however; the two of them went to the same school previously, where they were apparently such good friends that they were known as the Baruhara Combi, a name which comes from combining parts from both their family names (Kanbaru and Senjougahara), as well as sounding like Valhala, the heavenly palace of Odin in Norse mythology. Which is certainly intriguing to me, and a definite indication that we’re going to get to know a lot more about Hitagi’s past.

Of course Im also very interested in Tsubasas story too...

Of course I'm also very interested in Tsubasa's story too...


The green tones in these night scenes are interesting.

After the phone conversation ends, Koyomi is interrupted on his way to Oshino’s to deliver Hitagi’s payment. (It’s curious that she’s still paying him even though she never actually did get her weight back) The interruption is a rather creepy figure, clearly an ‘oddity’, that attacks Koyomi without hesitation (and rather graphically violently, too).

Reminds me of a Heartless.

Reminds me of a Heartless.

Koyomi is barely given enough time to wonder what the hell is going on, and neither is the viewer. The suddenness with which it attacked actually scared me; SHAFT are very good at freaking out their audience in so many ways. It disappears just as  suddenly as it appeared, Hitagi having come along to give him the envelope he forgot to take. There’s something rather creepy about the way she doesn’t seem to care that he was covered in blood. Perhaps she has other ways of showing this…but I’ll have to wait until the next episode to see.


This thing really is scary.



This episode was a mixed bag; parts of it were very interesting, but much of it didn’t strike me as particularly fascinating. I was hoping to see more of Hitagi and Koyomi adjusting to each other, but it wasn’t really apparent here. It may take even more getting used to than I thought. Because of the rather slow pace the episode had, though, the suddenness of the attack at the end was that much more effective as it literally came out of nowhere. It’s obvious that it’s got something to do with this Suruga character, too. Out of 5,