Kiri-moe is a force to be reckoned with.

Kiri-moe is a force to be reckoned with.

This episode opens with a pretty strong skit that deserves merit alone for prominently featuring Majiru. After Kiri hears about a recent outbreak in measles, she and the other girls discuss the age-old idea of having Majiru catch measles while he’s still young, as it is worse to get it when one is older. Nozomu points out that this idea doesn’t only apply to diseases; there are in fact many things that it is better to ‘catch’ earlier than later, on the basis that people discovering things for the first time at an older age are far more likely to become obsessed with them. The examples are all pretty hilarious, such as Nami’s dad, who apparently discovered the joys of gaming at a late age and now can not be taken away from his DS no matter what.


I wonder if he plays Doki Doki Majou Shinpan.

Thus the girls all decide that for his own safety later in life, Majiru should be subjected to various things now. This really made me laugh a lot; especially Abiru making him watch moe anime (Clannad) as she says it would be dangerous for him to get into it when he’s older.

I had to laugh at the box of canned bread - I wonder if its the Lucky Star or Strike Witches variety?

I had to laugh at the box of canned bread - I wonder if it's the Lucky Star or Strike Witches variety?

The various things Majiru ought to ‘immunize’ himself against keep on getting more and more ridiculous, until they finally reach sexual harassment. If a kid does it, they’ll be forgiven, but if an adult does it, they’ll go to jail…so shouldn’t Majiru do it now in case he does it when he’s older? What kind of logic this is, I don’t know, but it leads to Majiru copping a feel of one of the girls. Unfortunately for him, he picked the worst possible girl for it. The resulting trauma he then suffered courtesy of Chiri will surely deter him from every wanting to commit sexual harassment later in life! The way all the characters said this so happily had me in stitches.


Somehow, Kiri manages to out-horrify herself in every episode.

They also think it would be beneficial to him if he gets into and over his  “I want to die” phase as soon as possible, so that it wont happen when he is older…. using his uncle Nozomu as a threatening example of how one can turn out otherwise. I think it would have been best had the skit ended here, but it does keep going. Nozomu randomly gets a love-letter from a girl from a different class, earning the (scary) ire of his in-class harem.

There probably wasnt any need to cap her, but oh well.

There probably wasn't any need to cap her, but oh well.

Although he says falling for a teacher is also a kind of ‘measles’, the girls all go insane wanting to ‘catch’ said ‘measles’. Kafuka then decides the best thing to do is to call off the whole class ‘due to measles’.  Not the best end to a skit, although the school counselor Arai-sensei makes a brief appearance near the end. Which reminds me that she needs more screen-time. Whatever happened to her little yuri-fest with Kiri from season 1, anyway?


Kafuka has better things to be doing than participating in Nozomu's harem. Such as sitting in empty classrooms.


I love how Kiri is just all 'hmph'. But who is that girl in the purple?

The next skit introduces another character, although she was spotted briefly in the last episode. Her name is Kanako Ora (or ‘Orakana ko=’big hearted girl’), who is literally that, except she wouldn’t be a Zetsubou-sensei character if she was simply ‘big-hearted’. She’s permissive to the point that it seems like she would let anyone do anything, and can let just about anything slide. She also seems like a gigantic airhead, but I think I like her so far.


She also looks as though she's dazed most of the time.

Nozomu and Kafuka see the fence of her house covered in various posters for contrasting political campaigns and various other things – solely because she let people put them there. Nozomu seems unable to comment on this, and then discovers the reason why, which leads to the next discussion. This is the act of ‘increasing the points’ of something to even it out and thus distract attention. For example, had Kanako had just one poster of one particular thing, people would notice that more, and would make assumptions about her interests. The more different things that are added, or ‘points’, the more distracting it is – something best illustrated by a sphere with many points coming out. A few points are noticeable, but the more pricklier the sphere becomes, the smoother it ends up. Or so Nozomu seems to think, anyway. Personally I thought this skit was a little weak, although Nami misinterpreting the view was a little funny.

What a balanced diet.

Nami thinks this will be a balanced diet if all she does is increase the 'points'.

Nozomu’s harem becomes a topic of conversation again, and he realizes that the amount of girls falling for him could be a bad thing…however if he increases the ‘points’, the ‘sphere’ may become smooth enough to result in world peace. This was probably the only part in the skit I really liked, because it was just so completely ludicrous.


Chiri certainly is unspeakable horror.

Nozomu’s personality does a little 180 as he goes on a little mission to spread love and peace and get as many people to fall in love with him as possible, hoping to ‘smooth out’ his harem problem with excess. I never would have expected anything like this from Nozomu, and I thought it was quite funny and cute, even if the idea behind it made almost no sense whatsoever.


I would so be there.

The girls all agree that the idea makes no sense, and so extract their rage on him, initiated by, who else, Chiri. It’s at this point that Kanako finally comes in to class, which is the part that really got me. She doesn’t even bat an eye to the carnage in the room and just sits down serenely. So big-hearted, she can ignore anything!


Nozomu really is invincible.

Next it’s the continuation of the previous episode’s ‘Through Life’ skit, something which got a chuckle out of me. Chiri gets angry that the Through-Food store doesn’t tell its customers where all the food comes from, and decides that it is her duty to let the world know where everything comes from. However, she ends up destroying a few people’s dreams when she provides photos of the maker of a particular lolita dress or the seiyuu of a particular character. Her crusade eventually extends to people, so that the world can see who made who. Which, humorously, results in one guy finding out that his father is not in fact his father.

Random Meru, because she was cute.

Random Meru, because she was cute.


That's actually a rather scary name for a yaoi doujinshi if you think about it too hard.


It's kind of creepy that Chiri somehow knows who all your parents are.

Kafuka interjects saying that all people were made by God, or according to her, various Gods…and produces some ‘God stickers’ to stick on people, all of which look incredibly ludicrous. It turns out that the stickers are made by a new sweets company run by the Itoshiki family. I suppose this craziness will continue in the next episode as well. For now, the drawing song is brought to us by Harumi and Chiri (or at least, the girl in the drawing songs who looks like Chiri). For someone who draws yaoi doujinshi all day, Harumi draws Nozomu amazingly bad.

Seems like they should be swapped...

Seems like they should be swapped...

This episode had some laugh out loud moments although I don’t think it was a particularly strong one. Although it was executed well, some of the material was a little weak. But a lot of Majiru and seeing Nozomu advertising free hugs was pretty  special. Out of 5,