Umi Monogatari Episode 7

Suddenly, Pokemon.
Suddenly, Pokemon.

This episode did what I’ve been waiting for the series to do since episode 2; go back under the sea, and yes, it really is getting much better. Even if I spent a good while trying to decide if the new turtle with the bow on its head was cute or annoying (I eventually decided that it was cute).
It turns out that this turtle is actually Matsumoto’s daughter, Ichikawa. I’m not sure how old she is, but she doesn’t seem to be able to speak unless in the human form she had in the previous episode, just making ridiculously cutesy noises. There’s a nice little welcome party for her, although it isnt quite as festive as Marin and Kanon may have liked, due to Urin’s sudden disappearance the night before.

A relatively normal scene for Junichi Sato.

Marin decides that she has to go find her sister, and Kanon tells her about the butterfly-shaped mark that she saw on her finger. This horrifies both Marin and Matsumoto; it means that she’s fallen under Sedna’s control. As much as Kanon wants to accompany Marin, she forbids her too. Not only can Kanon not breathe underwater, but she feels that seeing Kanon would upset Urin more. As for Urin, she has gone to Sedna’s underwater shrine where she seems to be up to no good. I quite like the scenes with ‘dark Urin’, I think they’re done really well, and creepy enough without being over the top.

Stop. In the name of Urin.

After being told about the ‘Porterius Ring’ by Matsumoto; something that will allow her to breathe underwater, Kanon sets about looking for it. Because her family has the lineage of the Sky-Miko, he tells her it is likely somewhere in the house. Thus Kanon tries to look for everything in the house that is  old and has been in the family for generations. Unfortunately for her…there sure is a lot of this kind of stuff.

Seems her mothers a hoarder.
Seems her mother's a hoarder.

Meanwhile Marin has reached Sedna’s ‘tomb’ under the sea, and Warin and Sam have come to meet her. Again, I want to know more about these two. I actually want to know more about all the mermaids actually, I’ve realized there’s not a great deal we do know about them. However I hear the next episode will be about the mermaids as children, so I guess it’ll answer a few questions. Sedna’s ‘tomb’, by the way, looks awesome; very eerie and dark, especially all the glowing red…dust? Lights? Algae? Whatever it is, it looks cool.

It does look real cool though.

Back on land, Kanon is trying out every old thing in the house to see if it’s the Porterius Ring. Now, you would think she’d go only for the ring-shaped things, but she tried everything out. Doesn’t seem all that smart…but this scene of her trying each out was really cute. Seeing Kanon trying so hard to do something made me smile.

Swimsuit Kanon gets a thumbs-up from me too, of course.
Swimsuit Kanon gets a thumbs-up from me too, of course. I think it'd be pretty funny if the 'ring' was that cooking pot.

However, suddenly, of all people, Kojima comes along. It’s pretty obvious that Kojima still has feelings for Kanon; and likely wants to get back together. However…this guy is just so bland. He seriously has no personality at all from what I can tell, and his design is really generic. Perhaps that’s the point…but he seriously doesn’t seem like a good match for Kanon to me.  He also sounds like a girl. I don’t mean he sounds girly, he absolutely sounds like an actual girl. Which doesn’t really suit his appearance to me. Anyway, Kanon gets mad at him and ignores him, continuing with her search, which was quite funny because from Kojima’s point of view she must have looked insane.

The earrings were one of the more sensible possibilities, even if they still weren't it.
He doesnt even seem to notice the turtle, either.

Elsewhere (at Sedna’s ‘tomb’ to be precise), Urin has started to unleash something rather ominous. The explosion of power is visible from the land to a man fishing and his dog (whose name is Manjiru). The poor little dog ends up falling into the sea. I didnt think this was all that important to begin with, but it actually is a little, later on.

Urin seems to walk here under the sea instead of know...swimming.

Marin, Warin and Sam seem to be taking a ridiculously long time to work up the courage to go inside the tomb; however Marin tells them that she wants to go alone. Meanwhile, Kanon has looked absolutely everywhere and can not find anything that could be a Porterius Ring. That is, until she remembers her family’s prized pickles, and the special item that they kept in the fermenting jar over the generations that allegedly gave them their famous flavour. Come on Kanon, why didn’t this occur to you earlier?

I wonder how Matsumoto keeps his hat on underwater. Or how the mermaids keep their hair so nice.

We then get to see more of Kojima (and Bitch), on board a glass-bottomed tour-boat. It looks like perhaps Bitch isn’t actually going out with Kojima at all, and is just trying to. She tries a few ridiculous techniques to get him to fall for her, which he doesnt pay attention to as he’s thinking of Kanon. I think that he’s only hanging out with her because he thinks that she’s Kanon’s friend and perhaps considers her a point of contact. This guy’s lack of personality is almost astounding, though. They then see Kanon through the glass swimming downwards. I’d personally be more than a little curious about a girl who didn’t seem to need to breathe underwater.

The girl looks like she escaped from Idol M@ster.
Defeat. The orz made me chuckle.
I wonder if the ring also enables her to see properly underwater. Salt water really stings.

Marin’s attempt to get into the tomb is promptly thwarted when a kraken appears and starts causing trouble. It was a little hard to take the kraken seriously because…although it looked decent enough as a monster, it had this really ridiculous ‘BLAAAAAAAAAARGH” voice that just cracked me up. Marin is, again, unable to transform, because of how emo she is right now. I suppose she requires some kind of support from her sister…


Warin and Sam act quite uselessly here as well, and everyone gets ensnared by the kraken’s tentacles (many of which have creepy mouths). However, Kanon of course comes to the rescue, being able to transform herself, and manages to defeat the thing with help from Ichikawa, who has the same fire-giving ability that Matsumoto has. The kraken turns back into its regular form, which was…Manjiru! The dog that fell into the sea earlier in the episode. Thus it becomes obvious that the transformed forms of things often don’t have to look anything like what they were originally, as the case is with Ichikawa.

The second scene in this anime where tentacles are surprisingly not used for fanservice.
I can now tick off  see an episode of an anime where a dog turns into a kraken and bag from my list of things to do in life.
I can now tick off 'see an episode of an anime where a dog turns into a kraken and back' from my list of things to do in life.

After this Marin heads straight into the tomb where she’s greeted with a rather frightening site…Urin is in some kind of crystalline egg thing, like a cocoon. No doubt she is going to become something much more powerful. I’ve noticed an improvement in the emotional scenes in Umi Monogatari, and here too. I hope that they get better still.

This also looked pretty cool.
Urin D:

I’m now past the half-way point with this series, although it feels quite climatic right now, so I’m interested to see where things go after this plot point is resolved (I can’t imagine that it will take another 6 or so episodes to do that) It looks like Umi Monogatari has finally settled into its own groove instead of genre-hopping about the place. Still, I look forward to seeing more light-hearted moments from the two sisters. Out of 5,

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