Happy Halloween from Moeronpan! To celebrate, a delightfully creepy Vocaloid MAD post in which I share some of my favourite halloween-appropriate MADs, including one new one. Of course there’s a wealth of these, so if you know any other good ones, please post them in the comments! (Such as Luka and Gumi ones!)  There’s likely a lot of new ones I don’t yet know about as I’m sadly a little more out of the loop with new Vocaloid songs right now.
Hatsune Miku: Mrs Pumpkin’s Ridiculous Dream (Mrs Pumpkin no Kokkei na Yume)

Topping the current weekly rankings, here’s a highly surreal song about Mrs Pumpkin, her friend Jack, a whole load of creepy things…and a surprise appearance from the devil. I’d be lying if I said I had any idea what was going on in here, but whatever it is, it sure is creepy.  Most of the lyrics are complete nonsense…which actually only makes it all the more creepier. The song certainly sounds certainly halloweenish enough; and I really love the chorus. As for the MAD, it has a very unique and striking style that is certain to make it memorable. Mrs Pumpkin especially has a really nice design that makes me want to draw fanart of her.

Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len: Trick and Treat (2 versions)

In this song, two mischievous little demons, Rin and Len, lure a naiive Miku into a world of promised fun, but they turn out to be evil and do horrid things to her. It’s also a strangely cute song that’s fun to listen to.
Both of these MADs are different, but I wanted to post them both because the creepier one is quite awesome in its creepiness, but the other one is just too cute not to post. In the first, Rin and Len are truly deranged, in the second, they’re just cute little scamps who want to have fun, but get a tad too possessive of their new ‘toy’. (i.e, Miku). The first one’s art is certainly creepy, and is probably going to give me nightmares about evil Rin/Len kidnapping me. I absolutely love the art in the second one, and it is seriously adorable…I just wonder if all the adorableness rather killed the intended creepiness of the song.

Meiko: Akujiku Musume Conchita (Evil Food Eater Girl Conchita)

Here’s a really creepy song that’s likely based on a fairytale I heard once when i was little. Conchita is a woman who was a real gourmand, but eventually her tastes turned to the bizarre and she began to eat increasingly strange and horrifying dishes…. such as her own chef. Eventually she ate everyone else in the castle, and was left with nothing else to eat…except herself!
There are a lot of MADs to this as with Trick and Treat, but this is my personal favourite as I love Meiko’s freaky deranged expressions. It’s also one of the few that show Kaito as the chef, and Kaito in a chef outfit is something quite relevant to my interests. The increasingly disturbing ‘menus’ presented by Rin and Len are also pretty amusing. (she…ate a camera…)

Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Kagamine “>Rin, Kagamine Len, KAITO: Dark Woods Circus

This is one of my favourites; a song about a freak-show in a dark forest. Many deformed children are shown for people to taunt and marvel at…conjoined twins (Rin and Len) a deformed ‘diva’ (Miku), and insane ‘blue-haired beast who eats only cold things’ (guess). However, more than creepy, this song is quite beautiful and sad. The ‘abominations’ only have each other, but still they wish to die, and the lyrics become a desperate plea. Yet, they have to remain for the circus’s benefit.
I love the art-style in this MAD alot, both cute, pretty and creepy. I also really love the little mini-Meiko that visits the Dark Woods Circus. The MAD compliments the tone of the song incredibly well, and I’d personally rank this as one of the ‘must watch’ Vocaloid MADs. It strikes me as very different, and incredibly touching, if not unnerving.

Hatsune Miku, Meiko, KAITO, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len: Alice Human Sacrifice

One of the most popular Vocaloid songs/MADs, and for good reason. It tells an intriguing story of a ‘small dream’ that would disappear unless people dreamed of it…and in order to get people to dream of it, it snares people into its  ‘Wonderland’. The visitors to the wonderland are a number of ‘Alices’…all of which meet an unpleasant fate of some kind. The first Alice, Meiko, was a brave warrior, but was imprisoned for treason. The second Alice, Kaito, was an amazing singer, but his singing was so beautiful it drove people mad, and he was killed. The third Alice, Miku, became ruler of the Wonderland, but her power corrupted her. The fourth (and fifth?) Alice is Rin and Len, who come to explore the wonderland. However, they get lost and are doomed to wander in their dream forever…
Like most popular Vocaloid songs this one also has a trillion MADs to it, but I really like this one for the animation in it. Some of the MADs amp up the creepiness factor; this one is more ‘pretty’. It’s also quite surreal and haunting. (although it always makes me sad that Kaito was the only one that had to die…)

Sweet dreams!