Super Vocaloid MAD Post!

Disclaimer: Post may not actually contain christmas-related songs.

Wow, it sure has been a while. There’s been a whole load of songs I’d love to have featured, but I just don’t have the time to cover them all. This post has a mixture of some newer, some not-as-newer, from the past two months or so.

Meiko: Change Me

From shu-t, here’s a special song made to commemorate Meiko’s 5th year anniversary. (Sorry I’m so late to wish you a happy one here, Mei-chan, although I did at the time) And it really is a suitable anniversary song; immediately attention-grabbing with a strong rhythm. Meiko seems to be singing about, as you would expect from the title, renewing herself and becoming stronger to face her fears. I do like this song…but for some reason I feel let down by the chorus. The verses are great, but I feel like the chorus should sound…different to how it does. It almost sounds as though it’s a different song when the chorus comes in. Could be just me though, so see what you think.
The MAD isn’t anything particularly special; although it does feature some gorgeous Meiko fanart and it’s very well executed. The text is emotive as well; although I think the 3D model of Meiko that comes up around 2:35 is a bit creepy. Mainly I post this because Meiko is severely underrated, and I really think she has an amazing voice when used properly.

Hatsune Miku: clock lock works

Hachi brings us an odd little, somewhat soothing and ‘delicate’ piece. The music and sound are very reminiscent of clockwork of course, although the lyrics are cryptic as hell. I think it’s about the Miku in this video trying to rebel against the ‘clockwork’ progression of everything around her; to be different, although that’s just my interpretation. It’s a pleasant listen, but overall I don’t think the sound of the song stands out that much. I’m posting this of course for the video.
Made by Task and Utsushita, this is a video that goes wonderfully with the song and actually improves it. It’s also pretty nicely animated, and I love the simplistic style. (is anyone else reminded of Maka from Soul Eater by this Miku? She’s so cute, anyway). I really love the parts where she plays the guitar; there’s something very heartful about them. I think this may end up as one of my favourite videos.

Kagamine Len, Kagamine Rin, Megurine Luka and Kaito: Pretty Fundoshi Aku Ma-Len (Pretty Loincloth Evil Demon Len)

First reaction: what is this i dont even

From uniMemo-P and Bucchigiri-P, this is certainly one of the most…interesting MADs to come out in recent times, and was worth posting here just for the wtf factor. It’s actually a sequel to “Pretty Panties Aku Ma-Rin’, although that one didn’t feature a MAD like this one. This one is also a hundred times funnier (with a lot of engrish too.).Basically we have Aku Ma-Len and his sidekick Takoluka planning to sabotage Kaito, by breaking into his room and forcing him to strip and wear a certain outfit that Len had been allegedly forced into in Ma-Rin. (This outfit, the girl’s school swimsuit Moetan-esque magical girl costume was made famous by Len in Kagamine Len no Bousou; the chorus of which also makes an appearance in this MAD near the end when Ma-Rin reappears and forces Len and Kaito to sing it.)
I’m not even going to bother describing some of the visual madness that goes on here. I’ll just put some glue over there in case you need to pick up the broken pieces of your brain on the way out.

(Top Pick) Gumi: Campanella

Sasakure-P, and this song, are amazing. Gumi is terribly underrated, perhaps due to the fact that some consider other Vocaloids could sing her songs just as well. However…something about this song can only be sung with Gumi’s voice, and I honestly couldn’t imagine it any other way. It’s a very bittersweet love story (Wow, a bittersweet love story? Possibly involving the death of the loved one? In a Vocaloid song? Stop the press!) delivered in a low-key but powerful manner. It stops and starts gently, giving you time to reflect on each part of the lyrics.
And the video is just as powerful, and is going straight into my Top MADs book. The images of Gumi gathering all her feelings to power a rocket is so beautiful and fairy-tale-esque, and goes wonderfully with the song. It also has a gorgeous visual style and definitely managed to play my heartstrings like a bloody guitar.
It’s a must-watch, simply put.

I absolutely have to share these 3 versions of Nekomimi Switch, because they are pretty much the most cutest things ever. Just try not have your teeth fall out, and don’t blame me if they do. The original MADless Nekomimi Switch song was by daniwellP.  There’s really not much to say about the song other than the fact that it is absolutely adorable, and the lyrics are mostly nonsense. It’s a very fun listen, and far more fun with MADs.
Rin/Len version

From KeaP, this is my favourite. Rin and Len are just too cute, and this song is perfect for them. It’s easily one of my favourite Rin/Len MADs ever.
Hatsune Miku (original?) Versions: Miro

Using daniwellP’s Neko Mimi Switch, here’s a beautifully stylized MAD from ‘Miro’. I really love the way everything looks; it’s certainly unique and interesting. The paper cut-out effect really does increase the cuteness a lot. As does the mini-Miku. It’s got a very fresh, pop-art feel to it.
Big Happy Vocaloid Family Version

I feel terribly for it, but I can’t seem to find the username for whoever is responsible for this MAD. Whoever it was, this is completely adorable; I always love the ‘big happy family’ kind of MADs; and give everyone cat ears and the cuteness reaches insane levels.

My next Vocaloid MAD post will likely be in January due to me going away over the christmas break; but I hope you look forward to it all the same.

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