"If people know Hideyoshi is a boy, is he still able to be classified as a trap?"

At the end of the first episode, Class F is challenged to a battle by Class A, and the now over-confident Class F accept. However, the class-rep from Class A, Shouko, says that if their team wins then Class F must fulfill a request of hers. Throughought the conspiracy that she is a lesbian who wants a relationship with Himeji, as well as evidence of both Himeji and Shimada having a crush on Yoshii and the introduction of an actual lesbian whose sights are on Shimada,  Class F and A compete in a series of one on one battles. It culminates in a final between Yuuji and Shouko in which Class F’s chances ride on whether or not Shouko will get at least one answer wrong on a fact she memorized incorrectly.

I don't even know who this guy is, but look at his cute smile!

a-aaaah lookit how cute

Almost any anime class-rep ever.

Trap-kun! -tries not to cap everything-

Good gracious what's all this then.

First, I have an apology to make to Mariya of Maria+Holic; I’m sorry, Mariya, but you’ve been dethroned. Hideoyshi is now the best trap ever.
I was hoping episode 2 could confirm a bit more about this series and what to expect from it, but it seemed neither better nor worse than the first episode for the most part or maybe I just couldn’t concentrate due to all the Trap-service. There was a huge amount of it here, and needless to say, it was very welcome, and means that it’s hopefully one thing I can expect more of.
There were more characters introduced, but they seemed pretty boring to me. Like I said before, Shouko is every class-rep ‘cold beauty’ character ever and the girl with the crush on Shimada whose name I can’t even remember seems like she’s going to be a little annoying, although it’s still too early to tell. Class F are still the stars, of course, although it’s still only the male members that interest me, solely because they seem less run-of-the-mill than Himeji and Shimada. Yoshii is pretty amusing in this episode; particularly because he spends almost the entirety of it with his hand superglued to one of Class F’s desks, not to mention the running gag about him and Yuuji being gay (“I’m not the uke!” was one of the funniest things in this episode).  Kouta’s perverted schtick is a mixed bag, but it can be hilarious with the right timing. And something about Yuuji in this episode made him more likeable for me (I considered him just ‘cooldude’ guy in episode 1).
This is still a very silly show, but it’s still very fun,  I’m still having fun watching it, and Hideyoshi is still the best part of it.

And you're so annoying! 8D


It was pretty hard deciding which of the 3 million trap-service shots to use, I can tell you that.

This one was compulsory though.

...but what the hell is he doing here, fainting?

Overall, much like last time, out of 5: