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In the last review I said she was every class rep character ever, but now...I already really like her.

Those who lose a class summoning battle are prohibited from having another one for 3 months. So what does Class F get up to whilst they can’t challenge any other classes? Dates, cross-dressing, insane money (and ramen!)-saving techniques,  implied gay…what fast looks to be becoming the usual for these guys.
Whilst Yoshii is dragged around by Himeji and Shimada, both of whom seem to have a raging crush on him that he is painfully oblivious to, Yuuji suffers Shouko’s…companionship. All the while Yoshii tries his hardest to conserve money, with little success. He later finds out that the love letter Himeji had before she wanted to send before a certain deadline, but didn’t have the courage too.  Yoshii however does receive a love letter, only not from someone he would have hoped.

I find it somewhat amusing that the first thing I thought on seeing this guy was "well he looks pretty gay."


I'll take 5.

This girl is still really annoying though.

For a show apparently targeted at male otaku there sure is a lot of Gay.

I suppose the test of whether you truly like an anime is when even in an episode where nothing happens, you enjoy it.  And that is precisely what happened here. BakaTest is surviving entirely for its characters.
And there’s nothing wrong with that, because I’m loving these guys more with each episode. The only thing that really irks me is the very dull love-squabble with Himeji and Shimada. Those two are hardly the most interesting characters in the show, and their wibbly crush on Yoshii is the dullest materialas well, so all the parts focusing on that were a little patience-trying.  Luckily it doesn’t dwell too long so that we get time for plenty of other things…such as megane-boy Kubo’s emerging mancrush on Yoshii and all the incredible lulzy Gay that results from that. (See, there’s a crush that’s just funny. BakaTest doesn’t feel like a  romance comedy, so ‘serious’ crushes in it just seem out-of-place at this point)
Hideyoshi appears this episode in a maid-dress, a scene that didn’t disappoint. Shall we see him in at least one fetish-wear per episode? I look forward to finding out, and screencapping of course.
Although the ‘love fights’ between the girls was a low point, this episode had really good comic timing; particularly the ending, which actually made me snort out loud.

As I was just saying...

hurr know there was absolutely no reason for Hideyoshi to wear that dress seeing as only Yoshii had to disguise himself, so I guess he really does like it no matter what he says.

Nice to see that the battle scenes aren't entirely composed of those game-like screens; those are getting pretty stale.

"One day I'll become a more interesting character!"

It scores a little lower than the previous episodes due to a lack of plot for the most part (although there wasnt much to begin with) and some scenes dragging it down, so out of 5,