Like I said before, nendoroids please.

Although Class F are still unable to take part in Summoning Battles, Yoshii finds himself being dragged around by the teacher to complete errands with the held of his being, taking advantage of its special abilities (the fact that unlike other beings, it is corporeal). He still has a money problem which has made him incredibly hungry; however Himeji and Shimada fight for his attention with the lunches they made for him. It turns out however that Himeji’s incredible range of talents doesn’t extend to cooking.
Shimada’s younger sister also turns up, who likes Yoshii a lot and mentions them meeting before.

...Shimada's face on a loli is kind of disturbing to be honest. She is a little cute though.

aaaand she didn't change her face at all. In any case, she's pretty typical for an imouto character...

Please get a personality, Himeji.

Exactly who are these weirdos? I keep seeing them around but they've never really been explained.

Best cap of the episode.

BakaTest, I am disappoint. You’re doing exactly what I feared you would; trying to be a romantic comedy, and it just isn’t working. Your strength was in being ludicrously over the top, silly, and full of trap-service…when you resort to moe girls bickering and lamenting over who gets to give the lunchbox, things take a sharp turn for the dull.
Of course I went through this in the last episode, but in this one it really stood out because it was the focus of the whole episode. That and the introduction of  Shimada’s younger sister…which could have been more interesting, as she said that she met Yoshi before. Exactly how and why is never gone into, but it would have made for something more interesting than what we got instead.
However, whilst ‘perfect girl whose cooking is deadly’ isn’t exactly anything new in comedy anime, the absurd hallucinations Yoshi had from Himeji’s cooking were one of this episode’s few highlights. It gave me hope for the next episode, anyway.
Oh and Hideyoshi didn’t do anything except increase the body-count from Himeji’s cooking. Baaw. And I thought we’d see a different outfit in every episode…

This is my only Hideyoshi cap. Le sigh.

Himeji's cooking also turned him into Italy for a bit.

Shimada too wonders where all the fun went in this episode.

This is cute at least.

And at least they didn't forget whatshisname.

BakaTest better get itself sorted out soon, because I’d hate for it to waste all that potential on this kind of thing. Luckily its’ entertaining lead is still pulling it through even when the other best characters aren’t doing anything. Out of 5,