what is love, baby dont hurt me, dont hurt me, no more

Our focus this episode is the amusing quartet Erika, Walker, Kyohei and Saburo, who are part of the Dollars gang and the little adventure they have rescuing their friend Kaztano, a foreigner. (possibly an illegal immigrant too) Apparently the kidnapping cases popping up around the place are courtesy of a shady organisation that requires human experimentation, their choice of ‘ingredients’ being illegal immigrants but also runaways (such as the girl in the first two episodes).  In this organisation is Namie Yagiri, seen in the opening (which means she likely has a big part to play) – although not much. She seems to have a connection to Seiji, however…
These cases also seem to have something to do with Selty and Shinra; since it seems to be Selty’s duty to try to stop them. Perhaps it has something to do with her head?

He's kinda awesome.

This random kid was so cute. I hope we can see them more often.

Kaztano reminds me of a certain actor but I can't put my finger on it. It's driving me crazy.

Why is it a giant restroom anyway?

Behold the Gartender. (I totally stole that nickname from a friend of mine. It's too perfect)

Yes. I know I kept saying “I hope we see more of this guys” before, but I didn’t expect to so soon – let alone a whole episode. It’s getting harder and harder for me to pick favourites in this show (I’m still placing Shinra up top, though…), they’re all just so glorious. Because this quartet are also so funny, this episode was also much funnier than normal. Which worked pretty well – a great deal of the humour coming from random otaku references. (I said before I wasnt sure if these guys would do anything but make references, now I can see that they can do much more, as well as make references on top of that) Although they’re not the only ones bringing more comedy into the show – Shinra’s adorable scatter-brainedness got a laugh from me. (Also, he got a brief singing shower scene. “Sparkling naked!” pretty much made my entire evening)
There’s just never a (truly) dull moment with this show (so far, at least, and I hope I haven’t jinxed it)….even the bits that are slightly less interesting are usually done with quickly. I think my main problem with Baccano!, despite it being an awesome show, was that some of the characters in it (only some) did bore me a little so it was always a downer when we had to focus on them. In Durarara!, everyone is awesome so I don’t mind who it focuses on in each episode as long as we get to see everyone.  (Well, Mikado’s kind of dull, but he’s got Masaomi with him)

hngh shinra

...to be honest I can't remember if this kid was a boy or a girl.

Random idol-singer whom Saburo is head-over-heels for. She looks...bored.

Necessary cap.

Erika and Walker are just too awesome. They're like a slightly more sane Isaac and Miria.

...this is just so adorable. ;w;

The kidnapper had to pick a light novel and thus an inspired torture method. For the love of God, man, don't pick the first one. (Also, what else is here? I see RedixBatto!(Ladies vs Butlers), but the other one only has an author's name visible, and I'm that learned with light novel authors.

Out of 5,