She watches you sleep.

Yuuji wakes up to find Shouko in his room, who has with her exclusive tickets to a theme park. So begins their ‘date’, which Yuuji has no way out of. However it seems that his other Class F classmates are also at the park in (bad) disguises, and they also seem to be up to something. Worse still, they seem to be trying their hardest to get the day to go according to Shouko’s plan and push the two together, and there is nothing Yuuji can do about it.

Gee I wonder who these two are.

How romantic.

Now that's just plain creepy.

hey look hideyoshi let's cap

This is brilliantly terrifying.

I can’t say I expected an episode about Shouko, but here we go. While I think the Yuuji-abuse may be getting just a little old now, I can’t help but like Shouko because, as terrible as she is, there is just something so cute about her underneath that yandere exterior.  The defining example of this was the episode’s final scene where she assured Yuuji her feelings were not mistaken. Despite how horrid she acted through the majority of the episode, that one little scene there melted me.

So wait….what’s this? Romance in Bakatest that is…working? I don’t really expect this to go anywhere, but it actually didn’t bore me at all. Possibly because Shouko is just a far more interesting character than either Himeji or Shimada, and she’s just a lot more fun to watch. The episode is commendable for that alone.
However, there are some downsides. Why are Yuuji’s friends so determined to make sure Shouko gives him hell? It’s darkly humorous at first, but it’s now getting a little weird. By the episode’s end I at least understood that Shouko’s dream holds some value to them as well but from the way they were so determined to make it ‘happen’ I honestly thought someone was suddenly going to break the news that Shouko only had one week left to live or something.
Anyway, it was stronger than the other weaker episodes, but weaker than the last two. The ending has also changed – focusing more on the girls than the boys this time with a bright and forgettable pop number. The only thing special about it is that Hideyoshi was included amongst the girls, skirt and all. (And the rest of the males too, later. That made me laugh, but Hideyoshi was traptastically prominent. And don’t ruin things by saying it was his sister.)
I can’t help wondering when this show is going to be about tests and summoned creatures again though.

Hideyoshi was surprisingly masculine in this episode. By Hideyoshi standards, I mean.

I love this Ashita no Joe reference.

She does look exceptionally pretty.


I had to cap part of the new ending just for Hideyoshi. Sadly I find their summer uniforms boringly cliche. Their winter ones are much cuter.

Out of 5,