Funny how even when I have no work to do I still take forever. I only have a  few days left in Japan so I’ve been trying to make the most of my time – and my other excuse is that this episode was absurdly hard to find for some reason. But it was worth it.


The focus of this episode is Shizuo – in particular, his past – how he came to be the way he was, the revelation that he has a younger brother and his f irst meeting with Izaya.
Despite the fact that he snaps at the drop of a hat and goes on ultra-violent projectile-vendingmachine rampages, Shizuo makes it clear that he actually does hate violence, it’s just that he has no control over himself when he gets angry. For some reason he possesses a special body that can unleash the full potential of its strength whether he wants to or not – at the price of breaking his bones and injuring himself every time these feats of strength happen. This body was naturally of interest to the younger Shinra, who became something of his friend. Because of his fear of putting others in danger from his frightening strength, Shizuo decided the only thing he could do was to keep getting stronger so that one day he may be strong enough to control it.
As for the exact reason behind his hatred for Izaya – it was literally hate at first sight, which Izaya went along with, and which only intensified as time went by.
We also learn the reason for his bartender outfit – it was a gift from his younger actor brother, whom he seems to treasure.

Nice choice of movies there.

...his brother's movies look fantastically lame, though. ...vampire ninjas?

Gartender, being all gar and stuff.

And now it's time for mini-Gartender ;w;

This episode made me so happy inside. I already loved Shizuo beforehand, but after seeing what a poor wretched guy he really is, I can’t help but love him more. And in contrast, Izaya, who I was kind of neutral about beforehand, I like a lot less. Really, what an asswipe. (Of course maybe there will be an episode about Izzaya which will show him in a different light, but for the time being, the guy’s a dick and it kind of disappoints me that he and Shizuo have become the Next Big Yaoi Pairing fandom-wise. Shizuo deserves better than that. But I’m rambling)
It was also interesting to learn about his brother…but could this guy honestly be more emo? It was kind of funny in the way that his completely disinterested boredom drove the fangirls wild, though.
I generally love flashbacks (provided they have a purpose and aren’t overused) so seeing the little Shizuo and co was the highlight of the episode for me. Especially Shinra, who is still my favourite character. Shizuo and Selty seem to have a rather sweet relationship as well.
Of course this episode didn’t do much for the plot; just fleshing out the characters (mostly Shizuo) so we can get to know them better. Come to think of it, almost every episode is like this. It never really occurred to me until now exactly how slow this anime is moving. But…to tell the truth, I don’t mind at all. It doesn’t feel slow to me, and I like getting to know these guys better.

Daaw Shinra you little episode-stealer you.

Did Shizuo's brother even change his expression once? Anyway daw shizzy, even if his eyes are wonky.

Oh Selty, you so classy. took me a laughably long time to realize that Shinra is -not- giving Izaya a manicure. I just like to think he is. Also ignore that crunchyroll logo, this was the only stream I could find at the moment.

Some classy gartender. The guy in the pink could take some style lessons from him.

It's kind of ironic that someone with no head can have a calming presence.

Out of 5,