Baka to Test to Shokanju Episode 8

I predict this became a number of wallpapers.

Something has gone wrong with the Summoning field within the school, so that no one is able to properly summon their beings. Whilst most are being summoned as un-chibi and sexier versions, Yoshii’s is multiplying…other than that, however, his is the only one acting relatively normal. The rest have run off somewhere and can not be controlled by their owners, even turning violent – leaving Yoshii’s as the only hope to get inside the system and fix it.

I wonder if that would hurt.
I personally think that having Tsuchi instead of Lelouche would improve Code Geass by 200%.
Want much more.
I love how it seems to have no effect on Hideyoshi whatsoever.
Oh exploitable

Just last episode I was wondering when this would go back to the Beings and stuff, and now there’s a whole episode about them. The plot was amusing enough, however….am I the only one that found something weird about this episode? I can’t quite put  my finger on it though, but something about the direction and plot-flow seemed a little different to previous episodes. It may have even had a different director, I don’t know – but the flow of the plot wasn’t as fluid as it normally is, to the extent that it was a touch confusing in places. Or was it just me?
The first half was also far better than the second, where things started to get a little oddly pseudo-dramatic.  But it was an enjoyable watch all the same – the characters are still funny, and there are still tons of gay undertones (seeing as one short scene between Tsuchi and Yuuji’s bishounenified beings was played out like a BL visual novel; it’s probably the gayest non-Hideyoshi scene yet).
I wonder if this is the last we’ll see of the pimped out Beings…. I’m sure Hideyoshi’s will be immortalized in fanarts.

Seeing a microphone on Hideyoshi makes me want to see him as a Vocaloid.
...I would play this.
Evil!Hideyoish-being is kind of cute in a creepy way.
...yes, they started torturing him with bondage items. No, I don't know why they know how to conjure those.

Out of 5,

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