"Hey guys we decided we would make this show a little less gay so here's some giant boo-Nah just kidding, it's still gay."

Yoshii has a surprise visit from his older sister, an E-cup brothercon who has come to monitor his daily life and evaluate how suitable he is for living alone. To do this, he must pass a test (what else) in which she adds and deducts points based on his behavious – deducting the most points for any signs of ‘sexual immortality’ which, to her, means something as little as having female friends. (However, she fully endorses  him being gay)
This gets increasingly harder for Yoshii, especially when his troupe of friends (two of which are female) decide to hold  a study session at his place.

For some reason, I really like her voice.

No matter how many times it happens I always crack up when Yoshii goes into Hokuto no Ken style.

"Everything's coming up Kubo!"

I doubt this threat works on everyone.

Do I want to know what that band-aid is from?

BakaTest returns to being loltastic again, through unexpected means. I expected to hate Yoshii’s sister…but I actually quite like her. It’d be nice to see her again, so long as her jokes don’t get too old.  She’s a great character when played off the others – even when they’re off-screen (Kubo for example, after she stated that it would be fine with her if Yoshii chose to pursue a boy)
Speaking of gay we have the return of that sometimes-running-gag that everything thinks Yuuji and Yoshii are gay – which – helped along by some hilariously misinterpreted text messages, was downright hilarious.
Also worth mentioning is Himeji…previously, she struck me as an incredibly one-dimensional girl, but this episode showed that she can be quite terrifyingly yandere as well. (She’s shown some small evidence of this now and then before, but not to this extent.)
Hideyoshi has taken a back seat these last few episodes it seems, sadly – he didn’t do much here at all. I still think he should change into a different costume each episode at a random point. I mean there was no explanation as to how he ended up in that China-dress before.

No caption of mine can do this justice.

Because of the order of these screenshots it looks funnily as though they are excited by the one above. (it was really quite the opposite though)

Obligatory Hideyoshi-cap of the episode.

Apparently Yoshii likes pony-tailed girls with big boobs. I hope Himeji doesn't stay like that, I personally don't care for ponytails. Shimada's implants crack me up though.

Kind of reminds me of my attitude to updating my blog.

Out of 5,