d'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw pyjama-Selty

This time on Durarara!, lost things.  Various characters deal with the loss of many different things; a friend they can’t find, shoes somebody has stolen, memories they can’t regain, heads. A foreign girl documents these in a large notepad of lost things in Ikebukuro.
Besides showing a bit more of Selty and Shinra’s ‘home’ life (such as her desire to be able to cook good whilst lacking a palette), we also learn Shinra has ties to the shady pharmaceuticals company who appreciate his skills, even if it doesn’t seem as though he appreciates theirs. Meanwhile, Selty is having recurring dreams about her head.

Is it just me or was the animation quality much lower in this episode?

I love that he can tell.

Such a cute pic of Erika...I had to cap it.

This girl had a really annoying voice. Don't know if she'll appear again...

This cap makes me all giggly inside.

In this episode, a lot less happened than normal, which is saying something for a show that is already slow-moving. And yet…I really liked it. Maybe because I was really tired when I watched it, but it felt really relaxing and peaceful. Perhaps it’s letting us get a breather before getting really hectic, who knows. (I kind of hope that’s the case, as much as I enjoyed this episode)

Shinra and Selty acting couple-like was the main enjoyment factor for me here; as we see Selty becoming more and more human and these two becoming one of my favourite anime pairings in recent years.
The revelations about who exactly has Selty’s head right now weren’t exactly anything unexpected, but it’s nice to see something confirmed for once, even if there are still an infinite number of questions I still want answered.

I-I kind of want to try her cooking too.

...never thought he was capable of looking evil.


ffff Selty getting so excited over the fortune cookie was adorable.

Miss Selty-head's face used to scare me...but i think she looked quite nice in this episode.

Out of 5,