Durarara! Episode 9

Almost every cap of her looks the same, but anyway...

Seemingly brothercon Namie and her brother Seiji (what is this? Episode 9 of Bakatest had a brothercon too) take the lead this time, along with Seiji’s ‘girlfriend’, who I will hereafter refer to as Selty2.  A few things are revealed, such as the relationship between Namie and Seiji, the fact that Seiji is likely mentally damaged in some way, and the continuing confirmation that the girl he tows around really does have Selty’s head, and that her body is that of the girl who Anri is looking for.

When Selty sees her head on this girl, she recognizes it immediately, and Shizuo lends a hand in pursuing her. However, Seiji interferes; but Shizuo manages to hold him off long enough for, of all people, Mikado to appear and ‘rescue’ Selty2 from Selty.

Holy crap that thing is terrifying get it away.
I can think of no caption for this other than the fact that it reminds me of the horrifying stories my dad used to tell me about the medical training rooms at Sydney University.
Izaya is still horrendously overrated.
What the hell is wrong with Seiji's face.

The cast of Durarara face their most heinous opponent yet -‘ Quality’ Freaking Animation, or QFA for short. Which is a really sad thing – I’ve noticed a sharp decrease in the animation quality since the last episode but it’s really apparent here, and it interferes with the atmosphere a lot. For this reason I capped a bit less than normal because there really wasn’t all that much to cap. Art-wise, this episode was pretty disappointing (still better than some of the horror that can be witnessed in filler episodes of long running shonen anime, but after being spoiled by the first few episodes, it’s jarringly noticeable, particularly when I had the artistry of this series as one of its major pros)

Ironically, this is also the episode where the most questions are answered (so far) – where the plot moves the most (which, considering the slow pace of this show, is a plus), where it seems like we’re going somewhere. But i just keep thinking how much better it would be with better animation. I hope they fix this for the DVD.
If I ignore the animation though…even despite the moving of the plot, something felt up with this episode. There were some really good moments, but long stretches of less than impressively-animated characters talking and Izaya dampened it for me. The one thing I did like, though, was Selty’s sudden moral dilemma – can she regain her head if someone else is currently using it? We don’t know if she can in this episode, but it at least managed to show quite well that it was a dilemma for her.

Shizuo and Selty are together a lot...but I kind of want to know exactly what they talk about.
...this part with Seiji stabbing Shizuo with the pens really did make me feel queasy. I wonder why I capped it.
...I know he's trying to see what she's writing but it does look like he's staring into her cleavage.
Selty2 wonders what was up with the animation.

Out of 5,

2 thoughts on “Durarara! Episode 9

  1. Anu March 10, 2010 / 8:35 pm

    I wouldn’t guarantee on the DVDs fixing up QFA, since they didn’t do so with Baccano. D: Though most of that quality wasn’t as egregious as this.

    • moeronpan March 11, 2010 / 1:41 am

      true…but Durarara is also much bigger than Baccano, and it seems a lot of big shows are being significantly remastered for at least their bluray releases.

      …i’d just really like to see this episode all pretty and see if i like it better :C

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