The science of giving a love letter.

Himeji finally musters up the courage to give Yoshii a love letter – however she accidentally gives him the wrong thing and thus still has the letter on her person.
Meanwhile, Tsuchi has compiled a complete list of the bust sizes of every girl in school, Yuuji has managed to get a hold of a marriage contract from Shouko that he is desperate to keep from her, Shimada has some photos of Yoshii in drag and Hideyoshi is oddly proud of a nurse costume given to him by the theatre club. During a mix-up when Yoshii is made to deliver a bunch of tests and their answers to a storage vault, everyone’s precious items get locked in the vault as well. With their combined strength and the help of a mysterious newcomer, they try to get their items back.

Calorie-Mate is the sustenance of poor students like me - thus I know exactly how Yoshii felt.

Yes Hideyoshi was allegedly wearing a bra in this episode. No we didn't get to see.

The fact that even Hideyoshi's sister is manlier than he is amuses me.

It seems that lately there's been a little more focus on Himeji-fanservice, likely to counterbalance all the Hideyoshi-service. We know where most people are looking though.

I love how BakaTest seems to have let go of its bad attempt at romance before, so that now any other instances of ‘romance’ are purely for comedy’s sake. Himeji’s crush on Yoshii is actually pretty funny now.
I’m also glad to see Yoshii’s sister again, and her segment was incredibly funny to me because when I was in Japan I ate a bunch of those calorie mate things myself, and although they’re not terrible it made me feel bad for anybody who is forced by circumstance (whether it be money or weird older sisters) to use them as meal substitutes ad infinitum.  (I’m not sure if a liquid version does exist, or at least I never saw it, but I cant imagine it tasting all that nice…the ones I had were just biscuits)
After the promising opening…what followed was an episode that reminded me exactly why I decided that I loved this series in the first place. Everybody gets the chance to show their traits, but hands down the greatest thing about the episode was finally having all the idiots (and Himeji) band together again like a ridiculous super-hero team in order to get back their items of questionable value. It kept me grinning from ear to ear.
As for this mysterious, rather emo-seeming new guy, I’m not sure what to think of him other than the fact that he seems like an ass and is clearly up to no good. He also looks like someone crossed Hetalia’s Japan with Light from Death Note.
At the episode’s end we finally learn that it has been three months since their failed summoning battle against class A, so they will be able to do another one. I predict that they will win the next battle, be cushy in class A for a little while but then there will be a major battle just in time for the end of the series. I’ll be interested to see how that guess goes.

The DRAMATIC-ness of this just makes me lol so hard.

Himeji, you just lack the imagination of the others when it comes to posing.

Lol, Shouko.

Behold the aforementioned unholy love-child.

This episode made me happy. Full marks.