Baka to Test to Shokanju Episode 11

And with that, it's time for BakaTest again.

It’s time to fight, and Class F are using every strategy they can – their ace Himeji and Yuuji’s own trickery – in order to win. First targeting class D, F manages, quite easily, a victory, before replenishing their points in order to prepare for their current goal, Class B.
Class B however happens to be the very class of a certainĀ  student they had a run in with previously, and he’s feeling a little vengeful, going so far as to completely trash F’s classroom as well as stealing Himeji’s letter. He expects F to lose against him, but as usual F have more tricks than they let on.

Hey cute Hideyoshi, let's cap.

Shimada looks pretty cute in this outfit, even if it is her Being.

Yuuji, why so awesome. Why do the other's beings all look the same, anyway.

Looking pretty cool there Yoshii.

BakaTest delivers an action-packed episode this time, which was surprisingly solid. The action scenes in this show are still not particularly good (since they’re made to look like video game-sequences) and the fights are all over very quickly. If you were hoping for a good fight scene between anyone in this episode – or in this anime at all, really – you’d probably be let down, but it manages to get the job done. I was surprised that it managed to be a good episode despite there not really being all that much on offer.
Again, it’s likely because of Class F’s banding together in order to win and using each others strengths (poor Hideyoshi didn’t really get much chance to shine though – only being backup for Shimada. He should have given the enemy some fanservice to distract them, that’d be an awesome tactic)
The victory against Class B was pretty obvious – but I didn’t quite expect it to happen the way that it did.
I was also pretty glad to see Himeji tear up the love letter and state that she was happy with the way things were right now – so am I, so I hope she keeps her word on that. We’re nearly at the end of the series, in any case.

Pft, random guy doesn't get to look cool.
Miku cameo!
Wow he really is KikuLight. Someone needs to photoshop this face onto every other character in the show.
Himeji seems to quite enjoy posing in the sunset.

Out of 5,

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