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Hatsune Miku: World’s End Umbrella
Song: Hachi
Video: Minakata Kenkyuujo

Oh look it’s that video that came out ages ago by Vocaloid standards but my Mad posts don’t come out frequently enough for me to cover it. After some debating I decided to include it anyway – it’s not like it’s the first time I include stuff that isn’t brand spanking new (and wont be the first for this particular post, either).
But yeah, this song. Now I mean no disrespect to Hachi, he’s a talented composer and all, but I am the only one who thinks nearly all his songs sound the same. They’re good, but after hearing a few they all just blur together. Guy needs some variation in his work. That said the track is soft and pleasant enough, with some really uplifting moments…like any Hachi track, really.
The video is what stands out, because it is absofreakinglutely amazing.  Following the song’s loose narrative (in a town underneath a giant, mechanical umbrella which is cast into eternal gloom and rain, a boy takes a girl on a journey to the top of the umbrella to the World Beyond.)with a gorgeous style and impressive animation, song and video combine for a real audiovisual treat. The climax of the song and video are, in a word (or two), breathtaking.

KAITO: Ura-Omote Errors (Two-Faced Errors)
Song: n@u (original by wowaka)
Video: ? (If anyone knows, I’d appreciate it!)

Not totally new, but man this is hilarious. Wowaka’s incredibly popular ‘two-faced lovers’ song has gotten numerous covers and parodies, and now it’s Kaito’s turn to make a rather serious song into something lulzy. In this version, Kaito becomes overrun with viruses after trying to download something he probably shouldn’t have and clicking a suspect link. Possibly the funniest thing about this is the fact that the music is almost entirely made of frantic clicking sounds and windows error noises.
The original song had no PV, but someone has fixed that, and it’s pretty much perfect. Apparently the material Kaito wanted were some loli-ish pictures of Rin in a cute dress.
Bonus points for the ZETSUBOUSHITA! at the end of the video.

Megurine Luka: Dokukinoko (toadstool)
Song and video, unless I’m mistaken: Caprico

Luka’s voice is just plain weird in this song. It’s not exactly terrible…just highly stylized, and I’ve never actually heard her sound like this before. It’s another posting that’s strictly for the video, but the song is oddly catchy; some kind of bizarre love story between a tsun student and a teacher. (Kaito is a teacher, right?).
The video is a lot of fun, and Luka’s attitude is hilarious. Am I the only one heavily, heavily reminded of Hitagi from Bakemonogatari? I also really love the art – it reminds me of a shojo romantic comedy manga.

Well. You know how I usually pick one video in each post as my ‘top pick’? It just wasn’t possible for me this time. No matter what, I couldn’t pick between these next two, so it’s a draw.
Top Pick #1
Hatsune Miku: Saboten to Shinkirou (Cactus and Mirage)

Song/Video: knots (AKA Jakkan)

Trust me to pick the two saddest songs in this post. Oh man.
With the simplistic and super-cute style to this video, the force of the BAAAW contained was entirely left field. I still get goosebumps every time I hear this song (which is  a new favourite tearjerker now alongside Kokoro, Saihate and Campanella). The song is very pleasant and almost gentle, but it carries an amazingly strong force in it and is incredibly emotional. I don’t want to spoil anything about the plot…but there’s a stand-offish nurse in a hospital and the terminally ill patient who loves her. Yeah. We all know where this is headed. It’s a hospital for crying out loud. And yet…I honestly didn’t see the bit from 4:20 coming, and that was when the tears really started.
The PV’s style, as I said, is incredibly simple but this works in its favour. Miku’s cameos as a piano-player in the hospital lounge is also very well done…and her increasingly disappearing audience is a very clever, yet terribly sad, little touch.
I have come to the conclusion that if you are not even a little bit moved by this video you have no soul. No exceptions.

Top Pick #2:
Hatsune Miku: Rolling Girl
Song: Wowaka

PV: Akiakane, yama_ko

Holy crap wow. This wowaka song came out some weeks ago, and although I kind of liked it (as it didn’t sound so similar to all his other songs…I never really was a fan of Ura-Omote Lovers to be honest) it didn’t necessarily grab me.. The PV was a little while in the making…but it was definitely worth the wait, and made me love this song like crazy. This PV is pretty amazing and is going straight on that far too long list of ‘amazing vocaloid PVs’ in my head.
I really don’t like pretending to know exactly what every Vocaloid song is about. I can only offer an interpretation, for the most part…but it seems as though the Rolling Girl in this video is just a little mad and is trapped in an endless circle of abusive relationships.(Circle-turning, hence ‘rolling’). The PV makes this interpretation a hell of a lot clearer though. And honestly, as I already said…it’s a pretty amazing PV. I don’t even know why, it’s just wonderfully done and full of desperate emotion. The sudden switch to colour in the climax is incredibly effective as well.
You know, maybe I should put the happier songs at the end of the posts…