Hey! I’m Anu, the substitute reviewer for… however long I’m wanted here. This review has been delayed due to poor health and had absolutely nothing to do with the release of HG/SS.


Look both ways before crossing the street, young man!

We begin with Mikado taking Selty2 to his house, as Selty pursues. She is stopped by the ganguro girls and loses sight of Mikado. Once at his house, Mikado invites Kida over to discuss the predicament. The next day, Kida and his poorly drawn classmates tease Mikado. Kida then takes him up to the roof to talk to some harmonica playing guy and… I dunno, it’s not that important. Moving on.

Seriously, just LOOK at these guys!

Seriously, look at these guys!

After school, Mikado and Anri talk. Mikado suspects Anri of being a suspicious person, complete with his adorable imagine spots. This moment is quickly ruined when the girl-who’s-phone-Izaya-broke and her boyfriend appear for REVENGE. That is, until, Selty appears and gives him a ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE FACE. Oh, and Izaya’s there too. Selty asks Mikado to follow her, while Izaya is a waste of space who makes motorcycle noises and still gains leagues of fangirls because he’s pretty.


I still don't like you, Izaya.

Selty tells Mikado that she wants to meet with Selty2 and shows him her lack of head. They go back to his  apartment, where he is attacked by mysterious men! And Selty2 is gone! Oh no! Luckily, in a moment of badass, Mikado rushes towards the computer and logs into the Dollars website. Shit is going down.

Oh wow, he's so badass

"So... badass <333"

To be frank, this episode seemed pretty stale. The first half was pretty boring and filled with sub-par animation. To me, it didn’t really serve a point but to stall the audience, and was altogether forgettable. The last part, however, seemed to lack any build up and kind of ‘deus ex machina’. It left me pretty unimpressed, but hey! That’s why I’m reviewing two episodes, right?

The previously mild-mannered Mikado meets up with Namie. He asks her what she’s done with Harima, but she tells him to mind his own business. She tells him that she has some of her own men in the large crowd, but Mikado combats with mass texting. Suddenly, nearly everyone’s phones start to ring, and they grayed masses become colored. This leads to the best part of the episode, where Baccano!’s Isaac and Miria make an appearance (!!!).

You know what would be really cool? A second season of Baccano!. I hope they're not just teasing us, or I'll cry.

Bias? What bias?

You know what would be really cool? A second season of Baccano!. I hope they're not just teasing us, or I'll cry.

They had better not be teasing us. Second season please!

We get to see why Mikado created the Dollars. When he was living in the middle of nowhere, he grew bored and made friends on the computer. They started rumors of an anonymous gang, and before he knew it, it was actually launched! When he moved to Ikebukuro, everyone was talking about the Dollars. Mission successful. And now all of those Dollars are turned against the few Yagiri Pharmaceuticals workers. Haw haw!

Awesome stance!

I... have... the... POWER!

On the darker side of things, Selty meets with Selty2. Selty2 calls Selty by her name, and then Selty realizes her head doesn’t recognize her body. In despair, she marches down to the streets of Ikebukuro, desperately trying to escape the crowd of Dollars. Before she can find isolation, she feels a hand on her shoulder, and looks up to see none other than Shizuo.

“Selty, where are you-?” His face looks concerned. Selty hesitates, but quickly types on her PDA.

”Shizuo, I’m just not meant for Ikebukuro!” She shoves the PDA into his face. Her fingers fumble; she almost drops the PDA to the floor.

“Selty, don’t say such things!” Shizuo swoops Selty into his arms passionately. If she had a voice, she would be cooing ‘Oh, Shizuo!’, but unfortunately could not. Her PDA just wouldn’t be the same in this situation.

And they lived happily ever after.

Happily ever after!

Somehow, they made out. And then had wild dullahan sex for the rest of the evening. The end!

Anu, stop making shit up.

"Anu, stop making shit up. It's not funny."

…Obviously, that’s not what happens. No, when Selty2 addresses Selty, she freaks out. She drives her motorhorse down the side of the building while getting in touch with her monster side and thinking it’s alright to live without her head. Her helmet falls off, people scream. She then starts butchering Yagiri mooks left and right with her scythe, and the episode ends.

Vroom vroom.


This episode was certainly better than the last episode, but Selty’s revelation at the end sorta bugged me. The whole series seemed to build her into a character who, despite being a monster, was kind and somewhat sophisticated. This scene to me seemed to derail her entire character and what she had become, but I guess it’s really up for interpretation.

I did like the scene where the grey masses of people were in color though, and it was nice to see some pretty animation among the heaping amounts of QFA we’ve been getting lately. Mikado’s plan was a pretty awesome—it’s just that the end of this episode left a bad taste in my mouth. C’mon, next episode! Show us that things will get better!