Yuuji, you look kinda cool. This whole cap is pretty derp. Nice anatomy there, Yoshii.

Tensions fly high as Class F commences their carefully planned assault on Class A…beginning with Hideyoshi’s drama talents put to use as he masquerades as his twin sister Yuuko. Under this guise he then goads numerous other classes into attacking Class A, so that by the time F gets to them, they’ll be weakened down and exhausted.
Although Yoshii’s bracelet gives him the power to make Summon fields without a teacher around, lately it seems to be behaving strangely…

What's in the mysterious box?

Man-prons is in the mysterious box. I love how Yoshii is barely affected.

Yuuko is devastated that her manprons were found.

Glad we got to see what'shisaface in drag after all. Man does he make an ugly girl.

See, Hideyoshi really is prettier than Yuuko. By far.

It’s the second last episode of BakaTest, and what an episode it was. Class F use all kind of cowardly tactics in order to climb to the top – and yet, they did it so awesomely. There really isn’t all that much you can do with the battle mechanics in this show, so they really are making the most of it, and I’m amazed that they’ve managed to keep it from getting stale.
This is another episode that shows off everything I love about the series in fine form, and I’m glad to see Hideyoshi returning to the spotlight again. Come to think of it, lately it seems more and more obvious that Hideyoshi and Yuuko do not particularly like each other. I wonder if this is going to be explored any further? They do likely share the same house after all. Although we never tend to see anybody’s home life here save for Yoshii (and Yuuji, once), so I wouldn’t count on it, although I do wonder i it comes up in the ongoing light novel series.
Anyway, this episode was also incredibly hilarious; one of, if not the, funniest ones so far.  From Hideyoshi’s confusion over doujinshi (“they cost so much even though they’re this thin”) to Kubo’s…uh…’courting’…dance (seriously, wut. Nearly died laughing), and much in between.Plus there’s the Beings being all cute and stuff.
It’s sad that the next episode is the last one. I couldn’t quite call this ‘the best anime ever’, but it’s certainly one of the most fun. And this episode was the most fun so far.

Sadly I can't think of a non-perverted excuse for including this cap. But that's okay, because I doubt the animators could either.





Well done, Class F. Full marks.