Betch I will SCYTHE you

The episode begins with Seiji holding a knife out towards Mikado. Luckily, Selty takes the stab and whips out her scythe. Right before she slices Seiji’s delicate little soul in two, Selty2 cries out from the crowd to stop her. Selty then realizes that this story arc has been a huge cock tease—that isn’t her head. ‘Selty2’ then proceeds to tell both Selty and Seiji that she is really just Harima Mika after Namie did some plastic surgery on her after Seiji smashed her head against the wall. Selty finds out that one of the doctors that fixed her face up was Shinra, and is rightfully very angry. She storms back to his apartment to confront him.

Aww, you're cute when you're not acting like a zombie

"Hehehehe he's getting dressed <3"

Aww, lookit her and her bandaged face and aww ;w;

Shinra starts being all douche-y like “Oooh, I thought you’d run away if you found your head” because his love for her is so strong that he doesn’t want her to be happy. This is probably supposed to be endearing, but to me it just made me think of how much of a selfish prick he is. Selty says that she fears dying because her head can be killed when it’s away from her. She gives Shinra a well-deserved punch in the face, Shinra punches her helmet off and orgasms over how she looks so much better without it, and then there’s a fade-to-black which probably implies wild dullahan sex. A pairing has been messily canonized, joy.

Punch his fucking face in, Selty.

It's creepy if a man falls in love with a head, but if it's just her body it's a-okay, right kids?

Everything about this pairing annoys me, sorry.

Izaya talks to Mikado and reveals that he knows his screen name, but then Shizuo does us all a favor and chases the bastard off screen. Then ‘everything returned to normal’, meaning that Mikado and Kida go back to school, Seiji is still hanging around Mika (even though he admits to disliking her), and Izaya is still a douche. But this time, his douche actions are revealed—he’s planning on keeping Selty’s head because he wants to essentially start the apocalypse with it (…long story). Oooh, the Dollars are hording her head and she won’t even know, teehee! Good thing you have a league of shallow fangirls to follow you, Izaya.

Seiji's face isn't back to normal...

You know that scene in Marie Antoinette after Marie finally has sex with her husband and spins around on a hill in a state of euphoria? That's all I could think of. Go figure.

Oh yeah, and this happens.

I would say something like "no one would like Izaya if he looked like Ladd Russo", but then I'd probably like him more.

Cuddling Selty's head... LIKE A DOUCHE.

Overall, I found this episode unenjoyable. Durarara seems to prefer to chase its tail in circles than to actually move the plot, which is annoying me. Don’t get me wrong, backstory is always nice, but it seems to be so concerned with establishing details that it lost its direction, and now the story is essentially running around without a head (no pun intended). I dunno, maybe Harima being suddenly revealed as a red herring with little aftermath just bugged me. It seemed too… clean.

On the subject of Harima, the end of this episode with her and Anri made me… really sad, actually. I could honestly care less for Anri, but she had been spending this whole season looking for Harima. When she’s finally back (albeit looking very different), Anri doesn’t recognize her… and I actually felt really bad for her. The ending kind of cheapened the effect though, since now she has her new boyfriends to keep herself amused with. This episode was rather relationship happy, wasn’t it?

I dunno, maybe I’m just being too hard on Durarara. Maybe I need to stop comparing it to Baccano, since I’m incredibly biased towards the latter.

It ain't easy!