Hey, check out the fancy new blog-style! This is mostly because I wanted it to be able to display who wrote what post, as this old style couldn’t do that for some reason. So Moeronpan looks oddly snazzy now. I’m not sure if this has caused any style errors in the posts (some of the other styles I tried out did this), but anyway. Have a late review for BakaTest’s season finale. (It’s getting a second season by the way, woot)
I’ll also be taking a 3-day absence from tomorrow, but when I get back I’ll start reviewing some of the new anime season. Time really flies…

I should also probably apologize for the lower quality caps.

After losing the battle against Class A, Class F’s facilities have, arguably, become even worse. This drives Yoshii into a rage – he believes the class, particularly Himeji, deserve much better than this, and he begs the principal to allow him to challenge Class A again. Despite the rule of having to wait 3 months after a failed Exam Summoning Battle before another one, Yoshii is finally permitted a ‘rematch’ of sorts…the catch being that it’s one on one, a ‘sudden death’ quiz against Shouko.


lolololol #2

I quite like this artsy cap. It stood out a bit amongst all the subpar animation in most of the rest of this episode.

I love how simultaneously adorable and horrifying this is.


I woud have quite liked to have seen BakaTest go out with a bang, due to how enjoyable the episodes have been lately, but that didn’t really happen. It wouldn’t be exactly fair to say it went out with a fizzle either…it kind of just did a modest bow and left the stage.
It does get points for being at least mildly entertaining though – the ultimate outcome of the Sudden-Death Quiz was incredibly obvious from the start, and yet it still didn’t feel boring.
The main downside about this episode was that…everything was just so  neutral. It wasnt a good episode, but it wasnt a bad episode. It was just…an episode. There was some comedy here and there  but for the most part it was pretty forgettable – in fact it would have been entirely forgettable were it not the last episode. Aside from some flashes here and then, the characters didn’t really seem to be themselves, either. I probably feel a lot more forgiving to this than I would normally because I know there is going to be a second season, but having Class F come so far only to ultimately end up exactly where they all started felt like a bit of a letdown. Oh well.

There seems to be three of almost the exact same guy behind you.

~*Stylish*~ Hideyoshi.

Lol, random fat guy.

Himeji still just doesn't appeal that much to me as a character, and I usually love wibbly moeblobs. I wonder why.

And so this is my last BakaTest (first season) cap, which is pretty amusing in itself.

Aside from some slight perks, this was the definition of average.

Series Overview: To be honest, I feel like maybe I’m getting a little tired of school comedies, but BakaTests stupid, appealing and incredibly self-aware spin on things made it a far more enjoyable show than the sum of its parts probably should have been. Although it did suffer from plot flaws whenever it tried to make things too serious (and I would deeply like to forget episode 4 even happened at all), its ridiculous humour really shone. And even though the female characters are still bland as hell to me (barring Shouko, whom I love), I still enjoyed spending time with them. I’m looking forward to see what else the series will have to offer – in fact I was even inspired to buy the first light novel (even if I have yet to read it so it currently just looks pretty on my shelf until I have time) which is something I haven’t done for a light-novel-inspired anime before. It’s just a pity this last episode didn’t quite capture the essence of the rest of the show that I like so much.
This series is a perfect example of ‘dumb fun’, and if anime were food, I imagine BakaTest would look like a fast food meal full of empty calories and some super sugary sweet desserts thrown on. (Plus some kind of phalic food item like a banana or something, this show was hilariously gay in parts, no matter how much the straight manly otaku who love it are willing to deny.)But that doesn’t matter, because when food like that is made right, it’s incredibly satisfying. The whole series gets out of 5 from me:

Oh yeah, and that Hideyoshi nendoroid announced at the last Wonderfest will be a definite preorder for me, so you can expect to see him on this blog whenever he does come out.