Arakawa Under the Bridge Episode 2

I just had to cap part of this lovely opening.

Kou (or, his new name “Recruit”/”Ric”) is trying to adjust to his new life with Nino under the bridge, which includes things like bathing (and using chemical cleaner as shampoo) in oil drums. He wonders if they are supposed to act like a couple, but Nino acts aloof as always. There is a welcome party for him where he gets to meet the many other people who live under the bridge…but, they’re all of course weirdos, mostly in masks. There’s also a ‘church’ where there is ‘mass’…if it can be called that. Worst of all, Nino is apparently very popular under the bridge and most of the others are none to thrilled about her now having a boyfriend…

Nino's fast becoming one of my favourite characters of 2010...
Kou can also be quite cute.
This reminds me of a Simpsons Couch Gag.
This show can also be surprisingly sexy.

Good news everyone, Arakawa is still the sharp piece of wtfery I fell in love with last week, and things are only getting weirder.

The cast of characters we meet in this episode are so bizarrely hilarious ; the guy obsessed with walking on white lines (you know you did that when you were a kid) to the point that he has to push a road-painter in front of him wherever he goes, the hilarious gun-wielding drill-sergeant ‘Sister’….and that star-head guy…exactly who is he? I look forward to finding out, as well as how all these weirdos came to be living under the bridge.
Because it’s the second episode it opens with a lovely, very SHAFT opening, full of pastel colours reminiscent of some Bakemonogatari openings. It’s a cute, sweet song and the visuals remind me of trippy Vocaloid MADs. It also seems like there will be a live-action segment of the Kappa doing random things whilst the voice over for the next episode preview plays – a delightfully odd touch that has cracked me up both times.
There are some genuine gems of hilarity in this episode that would be a shame to spoil – needless to say I love it when anime can make me laugh out loud. I do wonder where the show can go now that the cast has appeared – besides introducing these characters a little more, so I hope it doesn’t lose any of its steam.

The kappa will never not be hilarious to me.
Well I never played the line-walking game with those rules. I wonder if this will be a future episode plot.
Oh lol that face. I never actually realized he was still in university, though - he's younger than I thought.
So uh...yeah, we have a Star-man, two robot kids, a cockatoo and a princess. Okay.
I'm sure this is not what came to most people's minds when hearing the phrase 'nun with gun', especially in anime.

Deranged and clever, but most of all, enjoyable, this episode gets out of 5,

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