Okay, I meant to put this in some previous MAd posts but it kept slipping my mind. Technically it shouldn’t even really qualify but you know what? I don’t care, I love this song too much.
Kaai Yuki=Disco Chocolatheque

Here is Kaai Yuki, one of the most underrated Vocaloids even if she is one of the newest. Many people find her voice weird, or ‘creepy’…but I love her so much. She has a very ‘real’ quality to her voice that really does sound like a young girl rather than a diva pop star, and that’s where her charm lies. It’s a very soft, shy and just plain adorable voice; I really love the way she pronounces consonants. It was just a pity that almost all her songs were very boring to me…until I found this one. This is now one of my favourite Vocaloid songs ever, which is saying something. It’s not for everyone, but I think it’s certainly worth listening to.
Yuki sings about the trials of making valentines chocolate – and the fact that she fails at it. She can’t get the taste right, she blows up the oven, the end result tastes ‘mysterious’ – and so she has to redo it multiple times, and I’m not even sure if she ever does get it done in the end. But it’s a highly, highly addictive and catchy little disco tune that I find myself listening to again and again. (and those ‘yeaheeeaheeeeah’s are adorable….although as for why she starts talking about chocolate Godzillas, Gameras and Mothras halfway through the song I have no idea whatsoever)
The ‘MAD’ if it can be called that consists mostly of an adorably stern-faced Yuki doing a simple hip-swinging dance. But it’s so damn cute I don’t care just watch it please the girl needs more love.

Hatsune Miku: Romeo to Cinderella (PV Vesrion)
Original song: Doriko
PV:  Modelling by Kio, movie by Brother.

Here is the recent PV to the ever-popular Romeo to Cinderella that any Vocaloid fan worth their salt knows (…of course any fan worth their salt has likely already seen the PV, but what the hell, that’s what these MAD posts are for.) For those that are new, it’s one rather..spicey song (with a profound mixture of innocence and sexiness) about a forbidden, Romeo and Juliet-style love. However Miku stresses that she does not want to end up like Juliet (who dies, of course), and would much rather be like Cinderella. To tell you the truth, I never was that big on this song – it’s catchy enough but I always felt it was a tad overrated (although not as much as magnet is). But this PV is stunning.
It’s made with MikuMikuDance, but I’m pretty sure these models were created especially for the song, and they’re incredibly gorgeous. (In fact I never would have guessed this was MMD by guessing). I should put the warning out that this video may be a little NSFW in places (here’s hoping youtube doesn’t stupidly take it away -it’s artistic NSFW-ness!). Kaito also has very dashing prince sleeves, and even though I’m really not fond of this pairing, I have to recommend this video as essential viewing for those who aren’t offended by the suggestion of singing robots getting a little frisky.

Kagamine Rin and Len: Himitsu  ~Kuro no Chikai~ (Secret ~The Black Oath~)(Hitoshizuku-P)

Time for the obligatory BAAAAAW videos, then. Here is a yuri-flavoured story about a forbidden yet tragically one-sided between a fallen angel (Rin) and a bride-to-be (Miku). Jealousy leads to tragedy. I don’t want to spoil the story, but it’s a very sad one with a twist towards the end. Although the songs strength lies in its narrative, it really isn’t  a fantastic song tune or music-wise and I actually found Rin’s voice to sound a bit odd at the start.
It all comes packaged with this amazingly beautiful PV which has been topping charts for a good reason. I found it breathtakingly gorgeous – a true must-watch and destined to be a classic, or at least remembered for a good while. I especially love the character designs in the video – ones I’m sure I’ll see cosplays of.

Hatsune Miku and Hatsune Mikuo: Hikari (Light)


Well, this is surprising – Mikuo, the genderbent version of Miku, gets his first appearance on Moeronpan with this surprisingly powerful song. Although I quite like some of the genderbend designs (Kaiko, for example), I never was a huge fan of any of their voices. Mikuo is different though – Miku’s voice made more masculine (possible with the Vocaloid program, you can also do the reverse and make her sound more ‘feminine’, although doing it too far results in her sounding like a creepy high-pitched alien) actually sounds quite natural. Although I’d never heard him do anything except covers of Miku songs until now.
Usually he’s presented as Miku’s brother, but here he’s something else – a companion, perhaps even a lover, but, sadly, a ‘bug’ in Miku’s program. When ‘Master’ discovers that Hatsune Miku has a ‘bug’ and tries to ‘fix’ it….well, BAAAAW happens, that’s what. The song is very nice too, with lovely use of piano – the chorus especially is filled with emotion.
A sombre and pretty PV create a sadly beautiful mood for this story. Poor Miku, you’re not the happiest Vocaloid in this MAD post now, are you.

Top Pick:
Kagamine Len(appearances from GUMI, Miku and Gackpo): Tantei Mushi-megane~ Saraba, Kaijin 256 Mensou (Detective Loupe~ Farewell, Man of 256 Faces
Song: bucchigiri-P
Illustration: Agatanomichi

Look, I remembered to not put the sad songs at the end this time!
Do you remember Stray Girl in her Lenses, which so happens to be one of my favourite ever Rin songs? Detective Loupe is – whilst not exactly a sequel, in a very similar vein and a similar feel to the song; a similar video-game-like-PV….hell even Gackpo is a mysterious man again. The hero this time is boy-detective Len, who, accompanied by his (seemingly…crazy) assistant GUMI, have come across a case that…doesn’t really make any sense. Something about a weird doll and Mysterious Gackpo. But Len’s got his trusty magnifying-glass to help ‘solve’ this case. Interestingly enough, it ends on a ‘to be continued’-esque note. It would be nice if it really did continue, but I’m not altogether sure if it will. It’s a great song though; a really rollicking tune with a fun chorus and Len’s voice is fantastically tuned.
The PV amps up the fun in the same way Stray Girl in her Lenses did; with the same crazy dipping and swerving effect. The point and click style some parts play out reminds me of the investigation stages of the Phoenix Wright stages – which is never a bad thing. Great character designs make for a really fun watch – and actually make me really wish this was more than just a song.

I mean, if there really was a game about Detective Len and Crazy Assistant Gumi…it would probably be my favourite game ever.