If you’re wondering why Moeronpon has seemed so upbeat and not-whiny lately, it’s because I did some… er… palette cleansing before starting the new DRRR season. You know, so I wouldn’t tear it to shreds. We will now return to your scheduled Anu recap!

Masaomi does this.

Once more we enter the wretched hive of Ikebukuro. This season begins six months after the last, with no visible differences. Kida and Mikado are both going after Anri (Mikado keeps calling her ‘erotic’. It’s pretty weird.), Simon’s still selling sushi, Seiji’s still creepily obsessed with Mika even though she’s not Celty because her neck-scar turns him on, et cetera, et cetera. This episode is narrated by Anri, as she has an inner monologue about Celty as she forlornly walks down the stairs. Her boobs bounce with every step because her boobs seem to be the only thing that distinguishes her from her classmates.

Scene change to Celty, who is escaping the police. The police call her a monster which she is offended by, even though she indignantly called herself a monster before going crazy on the Yagiri Pharmaceutical mooks two episodes ago. The head policeman seems like he’ll become an important character this season, and he seems pretty cool.  Celty comes home crying to Shinra, who says he only wants her to be like that in bed during wild dullahan sex. Haw haw, he made an allusion to sex, and then Celty punched him! Oh, she is so tsundere-ly adorable! After the punch, Shinra tells his headless waifu that his dad’s in town and asks her to pick him up.

One thing's for sure, the animation is pretty again!

He'll probably be revealed to be a huge jerk in later episodes, but Celty's been annoying me so I'll root for him right now.

Badass decay at its finest. :T

We now cut to some thugs beating up a gasmasked man in white. Why, it’s Shinra’s daddy! Celty regrettably saves him and he starts acting as annoying as his spawn. At least his theme music is cool; it sounds like it’s saying “lolololololol”. Actually, it sounds like a demonic version of the ‘Trololo’ song. Back to the terrible trio, Masaomi goes on talking about how he likes Anri more than Mikado does because he thinks she’s erotic. He then decides that they should try to whoo girls together, but Mikado and Anri back out. This is followed by some Mikado/Anri moments and Anri monologueing about how she doesn’t know the difference between friendship and love. If Durarara were a Broadway musical, this would be an awesome song.

On her way home, Anri is attacked by the ganguro girls because they think she’s a slut. In a rather awesome scene, Anri  is shown to be the Slasher and to also have some serious mental issues regarding her mother. She regards her slasher half as another person, and watches in fear as the ganguro girls scream and blood is splashed onto her face. Oh Anri, I’m sorry I made fun of the effort put into animating your boobs above! You’re probably one of the coolest things in the show now!

If anyone needs a hug, I think it's Anri. Maybe she can hug Shizuo (who also needs a hug) and everything will be okay!

As for the new season… I don’t like the new endings and openings. While it’s nice that I finally know how to spell ‘Celty’, the song is pretty boring compared to the other one. The new ending is just boring, too. Oh well, I’m done complaining now.

Honestly, who wouldn't want to stalk Shizuo?