Arakawa Under the Bridge Episode 3

So like...does he just go to the store like that?

Kou learns about one of Nino’s many habits – sleepwalking. Somehow she ends up from her house to her ‘villa’ – where Kou lives now – during the night. When she leaves in the morning she is seen by Hoshi (Star)…who is none too happy about it, and thus, using the Sister as a human lie-detector he interrogates Kou as to how far he’s gone with Nino. When it becomes apparent that the new couple havent even gone on a date yet, Kou decides that maybe he should invite Nino on one. After brushing up his appearance and inviting her he finds out that for some reason or other Nino can’t leave the river; so they instead decide that they will head to the river mouth for the date.

I find the idea of the interrogation taking place in the confessional pretty funny.
...not as funny as the fact that one of the new most GAR characters ever wears a nun dress.
But this just plain scares me.
D'aaaw, Nino is so cute.

After pretty much laughing my ass off in the last two episodes, I couldn’t help but feel a little let down by episode 3. It felt very different – focused a little bit more on a slice of life feel almost. While there are still laughs here and there, it felt very subdued, as though a romance between Nino and Kou will be important soon. And yet, this doesn’t ruin the show at all. Although the pair seem to have almost zero chemistry right now, that’s the intriguing part, and it makes me curious to know how they are going to develop. Besides, Nino is so much fun to watch doing almost anything, and I love the dress she appears in at the end.
Although we do get to learn a bit more about Kou – the fact that he was quite popular in school for example – it otherwise doesn’t really feel like all that much happened in this episode – or that it was too stretched out. (although Kou having to return every valentines chocolate he ever received because he couldn’t deal with being ‘in debt’ for a whole month- until white day – was quite funny, particularly when he had his forensics team identify a girl’s handwriting)
After the credits was some bizarre moment of sketch comedy from the Under the Bridge people…which really made no sense, nor was it really supposed to. It didn’t really add anything to the episode at all to me. In all it wasn’t a bad episode, and some bits were nice,  just hope we can turn back to more of the madcap nonsense I loved in the first place.

Put on your best Phoenix suit!
As a girl I think your hair looks stupid, Kou.
On the other hand, Nino looks lovely ❤
Since I didn't know what else to cap, here.

Out of 5,

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