I love how when they actually bother to draw clothing on the chibis, they still don't draw pants.

England is sick (again), and this time he only has France to help him. No doubt this will continue on in the next episode, because the main attraction is once again Poland and Lithuania.
Lithuania dreams about the time he and Poland were defeated by Russia and how he was then separated from Poland and taken under Russia’s control – another thing that Poland didn’t seem to take very seriously. Even now, Poland is still not taking any preparations seriously, his master plan currently being to install rockets around his house so that it can fly away.

There are so many things I could caption this with, all of which are very immature.

Was it just me, or was Russia's voice so much more higher and cuter in this episode? In the non-chibi parts, too.

Poland's rare serious-face.

He already looked awake to me, but anyway...

I have been waiting for this moment for 56 episodes.

Good news, everyone! This episode is awesome again, and it’s all thanks to fabulous and hilarious and underrated Poland. (You see Deen, this is why I wanted him in the anime so bad).  There are a lot of other Poland strips besides these ones (his lightbulb changing, his own chess rules, and his galpal relationship with Italy, for example), so I really hope we can have more of him before World Series ends.
Although this could be called ‘More of the same’ from last week (i.e Poland is a tard; Lithuania suffers), it’s actually an improvement because it manages to be even funnier. I nearly spat out my drink from the image of Rocket-Powered Poland; this kind of random hilarity is classic Hetalia. I love classic Hetalia. And I love it when Deen manage to translate it so well into anime format.
I also found it rather amusing how completely non-threatening Russia seemed in this episode. Not only was his voice oddly higher, but he became terrified over Poland’s ‘scary letter’. Maybe he thought it was from Belarus.
This is another Hall of Fame episode for me. I’ve really been digging World Series so far, so I’m bracing myself for the inevitable boooooring episode (and considering this one ended with England and a to be continued note…) that always seems to pop up between good ones. Now that I’ve got my Poland fix, I can go back to whingeing about the lack of Sweden.
If only this episode had that mythical new opening, though…

I imagine that he does this an awful lot, meaning Liet must be really damn annoying to share a bed with sometimes.

This is probably one of my favourite caps out of all of Hetalia so far.

I wonder how Russia reacts to spam emails then.

I like to think that, in true Hetalia style, he has a bandage on his head because he injured his foot.

Oh Poland, I wish I had more merchandise of you besides a trading card and a legal copy of your Maru Kaite Chikyuu. Speaking of which, why didn't they use his and Liet's MKCs for the ending theme in these two episodes? It was a golden opportunity.

Full marks again: