So Love is...some kind of cutlet?

Kou and Nino get started on their date along the river bank…however, it is soon revealed that Kou is almost as clueless as Nino when it comes to the ‘rules’ of dating…meaning things get ridiculous quickly. However they did manage to grow a little closer, so the effort wasn’t wasted.
During Mass with Sister, a young girl apparently from England comes to visit and it becomes Kou’s responsibility to ‘look after’ her. However…since this girl was raised by Sister, looks can be deceiving; in this case, very deceiving. It is eventually decided to throw a welcome party for her so Sister takes Kou to get some cake ingredients from the Under-Bridge’s very own farm, where he meets the sharp-tongued Maria.

Personally I'd think it'd be funnier if the background pic was Kou and Nino in retro-shojo style instead of these randoms.

Nino's so cute ;w;

The engrish here was pretty lol.

Kou's reaction faces are nearly always priceless...

This episode was an improvement from last weeks – it was certainly much funnier and it felt like there was a lot more material. The best material was probably in the date, however – surprising as I was actually prepared for that segment to be rather dull. But the extreme absurdity that the date becomes (Kou’s…interesting take on the ‘carrying like a princess’ routine, for example) is very, very silly, and very, very funny. Despite all this, they managed to put in some ‘aaw’ towards the end.
The bulk of the episode was concerned with the little English girl raised by Sister who has a very frightening and dangerous personality underneath her cute and bubbly exterior. Whilst good for a few laughs, it’s a character type I have seen a few times by now in comedy anime so it did feel a bit stale, and some of the humour did come across as forced. Her more manly sudden voice change was unexpected, though, so I did laugh at that.
As for Maria, I’m still unsure how I feel about her character – although some of her insults were pretty amusing so I look forward to seeing what else can come out of her mouth.
There’s that weird…gag thing at the end again, which continues to make no damn sense to me. Now, I did a University subject on Japanese Humour while I was in Fukuoka, which only really helped confirm to me that the vast bulk of it makes no damn sense anyway. I understand that the humour in these segments is meant to be because the jokes are so bad, but it doesn’t seem to work for me and seems almost out-of-place. It’s usually only less than a minute though, so I don’t really mind.
Oh, and one other thing… what the hell happened to Nino’s dress from the end of the last episode? And I was looking forward to seeing it again so bad…

Epic voice here.

I want to know more about these weird kids with the robot heads. At the moment they're just...kinda there.

Something about her character design really reminds me of Yakitate!! Japan. Man I love that series.

A mixed bag here and there, but enjoyable at least. Out of 5,