While my newer DVD program results in higher quality screen-caps, it doesn't filter the subs out like the one I was using until now for PT. Ah well.

Ahiru has a dream where Mytho is saved from the Raven and both Fakir and Rue also return to normal; thus living happily ever after. However because things have returned to ‘normal’, Ahiru is a duck again who can only watch. She realizes that when it’s hard for her to do much to help anyone even as Princess Tutu.
Fakir is thrown a major revelation from that one snooty glasses kid in the music class who seemed to only previously exist to tell people to shut up in the library. It turns out that he was looking for the same thing as Fakir – he’d even borrowed all the same books – and not only that, he knows something Fakir apparently never knew – that Fakir is a direct descendent of Drosselmeyer. Meaning, of course, that he must possess Drosselmeyer’s power of making stories real – it turns out that the endings ripped out of all the books Fakir tried to read were to stop the stories becoming real. However this power needs to be confirmed through a little ‘test’…
Something else is going on in the shadows; scary generic hooded people are speaking of something beginning, which Drosselmeyer tells us could spell the end of the story.

This bat had a cute voice.

Aaaaw little eavesdropping Ahiru is so cute.

This guy seems like a bit of a wanker to me. Just saying.

I really really like this Drosselmeyer room though. So detailed and pretty.

This is a really nice shot...or it would be if it weren't for Ahiru's Quality-Friends.

The ‘Mytho tries to steal girls hearts’ part of Princess Tutu is finally over after just managing to outstay its welcome, and now the show has moved on to the ‘home stretch’. And although this is a good thing, if I have to be completely honest here…this episode really was a little lame in places. The whole ‘group of sinister people who wear monk-like hoods’ thing was not only cliche, but seemed a little poorly inserted into the episode. Were these guys ever in it before? (Since I did have a rather lengthy hiatus on this show, I may have forgotten some details here and there, but I don’t remember ever seeing them before…). And Fakir has to test his powers by being able to hear a tree talk? Exactly what does that have to do with writing stories? However, whilst a little corny, that whole segment was loaded with beautiful animation and was quite lovely to watch, which I guess makes up for that. Whilst I had some issues with these two things, Princess Tutu always manages to prove me wrong whenever I doubt it (which isn’t often), so I’ll just have to wait and see.
But, as usual with this show it still manages to pull of an overall decent episode even when it has its downsides due to its characters, music and overall charm. The unexpected twists that pop up only add to that. In the end I think the sum of its good parts outweighs the things I found a little too corny. Plus I cant stay mad at any episode that opens with such a ~*fabulous*~ shot of Fakir and Mytho dancing.

Fakir is the master of the Death Glare.

It was a little hard to cap parts from Fakir's psychedelic tree-trip but I got him floating prettily. Also, 'bog of truth'? Really?

...I must admit I did find this a little more unintentionally funny than dramatic but that's just me.


Aaaw Rue D:

Out of 5,
1/2(approaching 4)