Well I've made up my mind; I really do like Maria.

Still collecting ingredients for Stella’s welcome party, Kou’s next stop is the UnderBridge’s vegetable garden, where he meets the owner. She is a small and very clumsy young girl named P-Ko – very fond of Nino, very not fond of Kou and apparently in love with the Mayor.
During Stella’s party Kou realizes that basically everyone under the bridge has a purpose there that assists all the others in some way, making him realize that he’s seeming a lot like a freeloader. When Hoshi (who acts as musician) tells him that Nino would prefer a man who can make music, Kou reveals some more of his talents and the stage is set for a musical battle.

Ahoge? Bow? We may never know.

It didn't take me long to fall for P-ko. Her design alone I love.

...I also really love :>-face.

...this whole batch of screencaps was P-ko, huh.

Whilst I wasnt completely thrilled with the last couple of episodes, episode 5 of Arakawa shows a sharp return to form in what is possibly the most fun yet. It has a lot to do with P-ko of course and the fact that she’s so cute, whilst also being funny too. (For example, her security for the vegetable garden consisted of some banana peels meant to thwart intruders, yet only she managed to slip on them – although she comes to the conclusion that Kou must be a ninja for getting through the trap.) She seems like she could prove quite funny in future episodes too, hopefully dealing with her shojo romance-style infatuation with the Kappa-suited mayor.
There were plenty of other jokes – Maria continues to amuse with her acid one-liners and Kou is proving to be a source of wonderfully quirky quotes (much like Zetsubou-sensei was, whom I still can’t help but compare him to). The idea of a music battle makes me anticipate the next one a lot as well. It was a very pretty episode visually, too, particularly the scenes with P-ko in her garden which were very vibrant and full of colour. However I just wish Shaft would stop using that close up of Kou’s eye blinking whenever he looks at anything – it’s pretentious and does nothing for the rest of the show. It was annoying enough in Bakemonogatari, but at least it suited the tone of the show a  little more.

I'm interested about that bird-head guy...


...the funny thing is, he really wasn't that good.


Out of 5,