If Princess Tutu was a more recent series, there would totally be a nendoroid of Uzura and I would buy the hell out of it.

Now that Fakir has resolved to write, the mysterious group known as the Book-Men have resolved to cut off his hands as they did with Drosselmeyer, whilst Ahiru, oblivious to such intentions, continues to look for any remaining heart shards of Mytho’s as she believes they will help him overcome the Raven’s blood. Meanwhile, Rue hopes to use Autor for her father’s evil purposes after he falls in love with her, but is hindered by her inner turmoil over whether she is really Rue or Kraehe.
Ahiru faces a problem… although her necklace detects a shard, it’s on the other side of the city’s walls…where Ahiru realizes she has never been, and realizes she never can go because there is nothing but an endless wall..their entire ‘world’ is a story in which there is only the town.

Whatever, I'm still going to refer to you as Rue so there.


Wow you are a hideous man.

O noes Fakir's getting mobbed by Ring Wraiths D: Or possibly really tall versions of those things in Star Wars.

I loved all the sweepy angles and perspective in this episode.

Well, I was right. Princess Tutu really does shine right when I begin to doubt it, and this episode pretty much blew all doubts out of the water. The pacing of the plot was top-knotch, but the plot itself – the revelations, the twists and turns, not to mention the ending of the episode and the set-up for things to come – was simply stunning. (With only a few little hiccups – such as Ahiru thinking she could find heart shards by looking.) These moments of storytelling genius are punctuated -as always – by the superb music, which compliments the visuals beautifully (they too were on the high side this episode.)
Whilst the Bookmen do still look pretty cliche and their sudden appearance did seem odd in the last episode, they really have added a huge deal to the plot in the short time they’ve been ‘moving’. But what struck me the most was Drosselmeyer in this episode –  I simply can not think of anything more badass than someone who writes stories from beyond the grave with no hands.

Listen to me wax lyrical about the show with the girl who dances magically and the cat that wants to marry underage girls and the faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous men in tights. I am continually amazed that, with the sum of such odd parts, Princess Tutu manages to be this amazing.

Geez Mytho that is freaking terrifying.

Why do I get the feeling he's never talked to a girl before?

This is one of my favourite caps from this show, ever.

This cap, however, looks kind of hilariously cheesey.

You may or not know that I have this huge -thing- for clockwork aesthetically, so this makes me very happy and I can't wait for the next episode.

Out of 5,