Arakawa Under the Bridge Episode 6

You won't be charming anyone with that hat.

The music battle ends with a victory for Kou due to how much his music touched Nino, but it wasnt a total loss for Hoshi, whose madness-induced song became a new hit under the bridge. The rest of the episode centers around Kou deciding what his role should be in this society, and the two Iron Brothers.
As Kou teaches the two brothers how to swim without sinking (due to their iron masks), he realizes that he may be good at being a Teacher. He soon hatches a plan to become this teacher that can re-educate everyone who lives under the bridge and turn them into normal people. Meanwhile he also learns more about the brothers; they say that they have psychic powers, including the ability to control time and space, which is sealed by their masks. Naturally, Kou is determined to ignore this.

This face cracks me up so bad.
But maybe not as much as this one.
What on earth is wrong with P-ko's face.
I knew Nino was going to have skumizu. I knew it!

I’ve been waiting for an episode about the Iron Brothers, so I’m glad to finally get it. But do these guys even have names? They’re only ever referred to as the Brothers in the show. Anyway, their job is to run the baths under the bridge (the baths being an oil drum with a fire under it), and so far they have never been seen separately. We still don’t really get a lot of information about them besides some tantalizing little pieces; the fact that they are possibly escaped lab experiments, for example. The fact that under those masks they are possibly highly adorable, for example. I’m not sure if the plotpoint about them coming from a lab well ever be examined in detail though – it might not fit the overall tone of the show and I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t learn anything else about them, but I really do find myself intrigued by them now.
Although a lot of scenes in this episode dragged on really long (something that tends to happen with this show sometimes), it was full of the subtle jabs here and there and sudden punchline style of humour that I really like about it. There’s also Nino’s fishing; although we never get to see the battles that undoubtedly take place (She even alluded to one in the previous episode, of the giant fish at Stella’s welcome party), the images in my mind are hilarious. I really hope that we’ll get to see one some time, because Nino being the warrior of the water is just that funny and badass.
I may have forgotten to note in the last episode review that episode 5 had a different opening focusing on Maria – it was a very fun watch and gave me heavy Maria+Holic vibes. Although this episode has the usual opening, I guess that SHAFT will be making more character-specific openings like they did for Bakemonogatari. I can’t wait to see the others.

We better get an actual fish-fight scene in future, rather than just the aftermath.
I feel terrible for laughing so hard at this. But I never noticed until this episode just how tiny these guys are. I wonder how old they are?
I'm sure this excited quite a few people...
...and this is just so damn creepy I had to include it. Context? What context?

Whist it didn’t have the rapid-fire wit of the last episode, it was still amusing and the slow pace made it more relaxing than boring so out of 5,

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