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Within the space Tutu has been transported to – the inside of the story, the gears have stopped turning so it has, effectively, stopped. Not even Tutu herself can move; being controlled as a marionette by Drosselmeyer. She does however meet the man himself. Eventually she is rescued by Fakir as he finally starts to write, but about Tutu this time.
Meanwhile, Rue has fled from her father who, enraged at her failure to bring him anybody’s heart, has resolved to use hers instead. She finds herself unable to kill Mytho, either, who is beginning to undergo a frightful transformation…
Uzura, who has followed Tutu into the space, had made the gears turn herself…except backwards. As the story started to then go back in time, we are treated to a few scenes from Rue’s early childhood, with the revelation that her ‘father’ may not actually be her father.

I haven't seen such dramatic writing since Death Note.


Uzura and mini grandfather clocks. This cap sure is awesome.

It's time for another creepy Mytho then.

Tea party in warped space...I loved this part.

I just realized I only have 3 more episodes of Princess Tutu left after this.  Even with the super slow pace I’m watching it at,  I’ll be a little sad when I finish it for good. But like the last one, this episode was so full of drama and awesome and genius and d’aaawbaaaaw that I want to watch more of it more than ever.
I’ve said this before, but one thing I majorly love about Princess Tutu is how badass everyone is at doing things that usually aren’t associated with badassery. Such as having dramatic dance-offs, and, in this episode, writing. Keep your sword-slashing heroes with ninjutsu and magical powers and whatever, Fakir saving the day with his mighty pen is a buffet of manliness. But as awesome as that was, two other characters stole the highlights of the episode for me. First of all, and obviously, Rue, who I’ve been loving more and more lately; her flashback (brief as it was) was incredibly welcome. Secondly, Uzura. I knew she wasn’t just a random little ‘cute for the hell of it’ character! The scene where Edel’s ‘ghost’ told her she was a marionette with feelings (and Uzura’s subsequent tears) nearly made me cry; it was beautifully done.
Drosselmeyer is still being pretty cryptic, though, and I still can’t decide if he’s  being a dick or not. I’m sure I’ll be able to decide within the next few episodes.


Little!Rue looks so much like a Tezuka character!

I went all wibbly here.

And here. So much here.

And more dramatic pages.

Out of 5,