Vocaloid MAD Post

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Whew, this is a little late. There’s been quite a few awesome songs lately (Hatsune Miku Append was released a few weeks ago after all) but the really impressive MADs weren’t quite so thick and fast. There were, of course, as usual, the attention-grabbers though.
GUMI: Yowamushi Mont-Blanc (Coward Mont-Blanc)
(Song: Deco*27
Movie: akka)

Gumi seems to have become more popular lately, which is great for her fans (me, for example) who became a little worried about her sudden dip in popularity before. Here she sings about how she is too cowardly to speak her true feelings to a boy. I’m not entirely sure, but either she’s too afraid to confess to him before he leaves forever, or they are already in a relationship and she isn’t able to break it to him that she doesn’t have feelings for him anymore. (I’m leaning towards the latter; the constant references to mont blanc and cake could be a reference to ‘comfort-food’, or ‘lies’ that she tells herself, which taste sweet but give her the feeling of emptiness she describes in the song). Whew.
Deco*27 are one of those producers who, despite having a few tracks on my ipod that are pleasant enough, I never really felt anything strongly for either way. Yowamushi Montblanc is the first song that really grabbed me…however, it took a while for it to do this. I thought the song was merely ‘okay’ at first, but found myself playing the video a few more times some days later, and then humming the song subconsciously…and now I need the mp3. It’s a very strong track that’s been hanging around the top 30 ever since it came out, and it’s done wonders for Gumi’s popularity as well. It’s becoming something of a classic for her. Her voice is excellently tuned and has a very humble quality to it – this isn’t the voice of a virtual diva, it’s the voice of a girl simply saying how she feels, and it’s beautiful.
The PV is a fun watch; whilst a little repetitive, but who can resist all those cakes? I’m a big fan of Gumi’s look in the video too; red-framed spectacles in place of her goggles and a rather sombre but cute face. The parts that are animated (Gumi singing the chorus for example) are also quite impressive.

Kagamine Rin: Eager Believer
(Song: Ahiru-Gunsou (with lyrics by Akijin)
Illustration: kona
Video: Negi)

A downright charmer of a video and song, Rin proves once again how well she shines with pop-rock. What we have here is your standard cutesy love song (whilst a little tsundere in places), but it’s full of energy and makes me smile, even if Rin does come across as a little over-obsessive about whoever she’s in love with this time.
What really makes this memorable is the video though, which, from the animation and Rin’s design to the ‘Eager Believer’ logo, gives off a very heavy theme-song vibe. From the impressive art and animation, if I didn’t know any better, I’d easily have picked this for some anime’s ED.

Top Pick 1
Hatsune Miku: ARiA
(Song: Toku-P (with lyrics also by lino and kionachi, and guitar by sleepwalker and bass by ORYO)
Illustration: refeia and kionachi
Movie: sleepwalker

Here’s Toku’s recent chart-topper, and it’s easy to see why. It’s an amazing song that went straight to my ipod – a slow, pretty start-off with an amazing, soaring chorus. The main character here is some sort of bionic girl (Or a very stylized version of Miku…to be honest I’m not even sure if she’s bionic, but she certainly looks that way and she seems to be able to fly) who seeks a far-away, mythical place beyond the stars and possibly someone she was separated from.
The song is good enough on its own, but the video blew me away. There is a whole world constructed here, and the amount of effort in creating the city, the tower, this place inhabited by the girl, is nothing short of stunning. I will admit some of the 3D parts look a bit odd with the 2D girl, but she’s so beautifully drawn that I can overlook that (and it does create an interesting effect – and I’m usually not that fond of 3D). It’s videos like this that make me wish they were a game or an actual series. It’s a very memorable video that flows perfectly with the music, and I was sure it had no contest for the top pick of this post, but that was before I saw…

Top Pick 2
Megurine Luka: Sajou no Yume-kui Shoujo (The Dream-eating Girl on the Sand)
Song: Hachi
Video: Minamikata Kenkyuujo (Southern Research Institute)

Yeah, I knew this was Hachi immediately, and yet, this song isn’t as ‘samey’ as the others. Maybe it’s just because I’m not used to hearing a Hachi track that uses Luka, but this one sounded rather fresh and different whilst still having that ‘Hachi sound’. It has a touching and bittersweet feeling to it, sad but soft. The story has a lot of cryptic details (the storks carrying the babies away, for example), but there is a girl eating a boy’s bad dreams, in any case, in a small oasis in a lonely desert. The boy seems to be plagued by these nightmares – in fact they seem to physically hurt him.
Hachi PVs always tend to have gorgeous videos, and here is a highly stylized, very beautiful one. I really love the way the ‘dreams’ are presented as creepy mechanical tendrils coming from the boy, as well as the design of the dream-eating girl. The whole video has a very sketchy and whimsical look, which makes the animation look very interesting. It’s a shame this video was only popular for a week before falling down near the bottom of the top 30; it deserved a longer stay.

Hatsune Miku (with Append Light) : Jikochuu><3 (This title is a pun, it can be read as both ‘selfishness’ and ‘self kiss’)
Song: ariehende-P(with lyrics by ami and Yo)
Illustration: NOCO

Here is a sickly sweet little piece of puffery that I am posted mostly for the inclusion of an Append Miku; this one is Light.(My two favourite appends are Dark and Sweet, no matter what the rest of the fandom seems to think. The appends are all pretty interesting, though, and songs that use a blend of ‘normal’ Miku and the appends create a very realistic sound. I’d actually like to see a bunch of classic Miku songs (World is Mine, Love is War, etc) have ‘cover’ versions made using the Append Mikus.)
I don’t think you need a summary for what this song is about. It’s your typical boppy anime-style sugar pop love song that says ‘chu’ in it a lot. Okay, so the song is catchy as hell (which is the other reason I’m including it), and it also has some cute visuals to go with it (another reason again), and it looks like the opening video to a Miku version of Love Plus. D’aaaaw. Despite the song not making a huge impression on me (these kind of songs are a dime a dozen after all) the blending of ‘normal’ and ‘light’ is very nice. I really like the art in the video as well, particularly the determined Miku around the 2 minute mark.

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