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Look how cute this is. You can just tell no one cares what Kou has to teach.

Kou is miraculously able to get Stella into his ‘class’, although he isn’t able to teach her much before she runs off to try to cook Hoshi, who is still in a state of depression. Stella wants to cook for Sister, whom she is smitten with (believing his gift of a ‘bra’ to her as a sign; it was really a bullet-proof vest)…however things turn sour very very quickly when Hoshi tips Stella off about Sister’s crush on Maria.
Cue a declaration of war on Maria  by one very, very scary Stella…
The end of the episode shares some insights into Hoshi’s past, and confirms that he really is a guy with a dumb mask.

I apologize for the watermark on these caps; it was all I could find(besides hugeass subs that take up half the screen) at short notice.



Oh Nino, you're so cute. ❤

Wow, this episode. I hardly even know what to say, it was like smack-in-the-face-wtf-did-I-just-watch-what-drugs-does-the-mangaka-smoke-anyway?. But it was truly a solid episode with not a single dull moment. I wasnt really thrilled at the prospect of an episode focusing on Stella…but I sure was wrong, because I didn’t exactly expect Stella to morph into some kind of Fist of the North Star extra, which was simultaneously horrifying and hilarious. I honestly can’t quite articulate a review for at least this part of the episode, because it was just so…insane. All I can say is that somehow or other, amongst all this chaos….I really started to like Stella. Other than being unabashedly crazy though, this episode also gave us a few more interesting tidbits about Maria. She was apparently in the army, yet Sister was ‘silenced’ before revealing anything else about her past identity.
There’s also Hoshi – and the hint that he’s probably quite good-looking under his mask. Kou’s insistence that Hoshi’s entire body is actually the mask, which is a parasitic lifeform that eats the head of helpless host humans, also cracked me up (as well as potentially giving me nightmares, thanks a lot Arakawa). Plus Hoshi’s terrible songs with their terrible lyrics makes me hope they include them on a soundtrack release for this show.

...He seems to have more than one hair left to me.

Because of this cap I now love this show a whole lot more.

This is the most terrifying thing I have ever seen in an anime. I am serious.

Who else read Enid Blyton's 'Faraway Tree' books as a kid? Because I was imagining what it'd be like if Moonface was like this.

Out of 5,