Arakawa Under the Bridge episode 10

Man sorry about that absence; let’s see how many reviews I can get done in a short amount of time!

Nothing more GAR than a man in a nun dress with fire in the background. Aw yeah.

Kou gets to learn a little bit about the way the people under the bridge view the Mayor -ie, with a puzzlingly high level of respect, and Kou can’t quite figure out why. He is particularly puzzled during a fire ‘drill’ (with actual fire involved) in which the Mayor is of basically no help whatsoever, yet the others’ respect of him is unchallenged.
Kou’s father has also made his move; buying development rights for the land under the bridge; and construction is scheduled to begin…meaning everyone will have to vacate. Maria can crush the resolve of the guy who orders them to leave, but what can they do about the impending danger threatening their homes?

I personally think the Mayor's true form under the costume should remain a mystery...but damn do I get curious.
If you imagine that his head is his whole body, he looks like a freaky Kirby character.
If you imagine that his head is his whole body, he looks like a freaky Kirby character.
I have to wonder if Sister is actually human. He doesn't even fit in the frame.
This cap is just so awesome, but the iron brothers' eyes really freak me out.

So Arakawa had a bit of a seizure in the last episode and this is the point where it suddenly remembered it had decided to have a plot again, even if it doesn’t really revisit that straight away. The hints of drama appearing are actually blending in pretty well – the idea of the ‘outside world’ bearing down on the people under the bridge is a very real threat and doesn’t feel contrived or like pointless drama to me at all. It’s still to early to see how this goes, but I’m interested to see how it all goes down. (My current bet is that Nino will save the day somehow with the power of her Pure Heart)
On the comedy side, the focus on the mayor was strangely welcome to me because despite being the first other ‘person’ Kou met under the bridge, he hasn’t really done much. Although this segment really only showed that he…never really does much. I’d really like to know how he even became a ‘mayor’. Or why P-Ko has a crush on him, for that matter. Anyway, I really like the straight-faced and unintentionally hilarious dialogue that comes from the Mayor (usually about the fact that he’s totes a youkai, for serious); as well as Kou’s reactions to it. Poor Kou is the one branded crazy, though.
This episode was mostly decent; I did feel that the fire drill segment was stretched out too long though. Stretching things out too long is the major flaw of Arakawa, unfortunately, and is what stops it from being a really good series as opposed to just a good one.

...why does Kou look so cute in all these...
Why is this so moe it's a gigantic man in a nun habit who just happens to have rarely smiled.
Maria would make a kickass Luka.
This was so glorious it had to be capped.

Out of 5,

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