Figures that I had to be away right when the one Hetalia episode the entire fandom was waiting for comes along and so my review ends up later than the rest of the internet.
By the way, has everyone else seen the Maru Kaite 2nd Lap One Coin Grande figures? I’ve already preordered them, so you can bet you’ll see them here around December.But anyway, the time has come, after all the bitching and moaning across the internet about when Deen were going to get around to it, for The War of Austrian Succession.

It's the hair colour Finland should have had. :c

One of the most popular arcs in Hetalia (due to not only the costumes just screaming ‘cosplay me!’ and ‘draw fanart of me!’ and ‘Wish they made figures of me!’ but because it’s where the infamous line “Prussia has seized my vital regions” was born from, among other things) begins quite humbly in 1740 with Maria Theresa becoming both arch-duchess of Austria and queen of Hungary. However, Prussia (having risen to considerable power) objects to a female queen and so starts an invasion along with Spain and France (and Saxony and Bavaria, yet to be Hetalia-fied) using Austria’s faltering powers and ‘weak’ female ruler to his advantage. Austria does have England and Holland on his side, but England seems to be only in it for the opportunity to beat up France. With the players in place, the stage is set for the War…

...I never expected Prussia's bird to sound like an old man I must say.

So we get one of the most visually interesting arcs in Hetalia animated, and Deen go and spent a good chunk of the episode on a still picture of Prussia's crest with a voiceover. At least the random Chibitalia was cute (kind of looks like he has wings), but gaaah.

Why was Austria so 8| through the whole episode, also? He could at least look more angry/determined like in the manga.

She's no Jeanne d'arc but man, Theresa is moe.

You know I never understood why the Storage Cleaning arc was hyped to death rather than the War of Austrian Succession…but then again I’m glad they didn’t do any of that again.
The War of Austrian Succession is one of those Hetalia arcs that are more educational than others, and since it’s quite long, there’s no room for random skits. In fact it’s too long to fit in one episode, so we only got the beginning of it. The fact that they’re willing to (hopefully) take their time with this arc rather than rushing through it makes me happy, but it does present one glaring problem. There are a lot of things that work much better in the Hetalia manga than the anime, and the strips and arcs that require a lot of back-information and wordiness are usually good examples of this. What we see here is that, the intro to this arc at least, has not survived the transition all that well. This is mostly because with all the explaining it has to do there really isn’t that much time to actually get anything started until the next episode (which will hopefully be a lot better). What really irked me was that all the explanation took place being narrated over a still picture of Prussia’s crest instead of using little chibis to demonstrate things, or something…it made the episode seem a hell of a lot shorter. Which is why I have less screencaps than other Hetalia episodes because there really wasn’t that much to cap. The other thing that annoyed me concerns Holland; I’ll talk about that in the caption for the picture. The bits we do get to see ourselves are decent though; Austria’s house is nicely detailed and Theresa looks really great in the anime. Plus the few jokes from this part (Austria not wanting to go to war without his orchestra, Prussia…being Prussia) have thankfully made it through intact. There was just something about Austria that was a little off and ‘boring’ even. Did he change his expression at all…?
The episode has good educational value and it did at least look nice, but the five-minute time frame really worked to its disadvantage this time. Once things start happening it should pick up.

Good to see the Bad Friend Trio all together.

I still think his eyes should be a brighter/more psycho shade of red.

Okay, so Himaruya didn't draw Holland in the manga because he didn't have a design yet. The manga of this was years back. The design for Holland has now been out for AGES, so why didn't Deen use it? Guh. Having that random scribble there just looks silly.

...England wtf is this face. Seriously.

Out of  5,