Despite having always felt like an outsider amongst the people under the bridge, Kou is determined to protect their home from his father’s development plans. He fights back in the only way he knows how – using his business expertise – to enter a bidding war for the development rights on the land. The problem is this plan requires him to have to leave the bridge for a while to put things into action – his first true absence, which Nino may not fare so well with. However, his father’s (oddly named) corporation ‘Goes’ is a true force to be reckoned with, and one most would not dare stand against.


Kou's fabulous 'talk to the hand' stance.

I kinda wish Sister's 'disguise' looked more like Winnie the Pooh.

Whitey's smile -terrifies- me. He looks like someone's creepy uncle when he does that.

There were parts in this episode that really made me just sit and go ‘aaaaw’. I’m really susceptible to the warmy-fuzzy-happy-family-feeling in anime. Whether it’s those cosy moments in Minami-ke or the we’re-all-so-happy-and-awesome-ness of the Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece (not to mention how¬† much I love Vocaloid fanart that depicts everyone as a continually growing happy family), I’m generally just a huge sucker for this kind of thing. Which is why the moments in this episode where it felt like everyone was united against a common threat (barring the curious absence of Maria) as their own kind of bizarre family unit were some of my favourite moments of the show so far – however fleeting they may have been.
It’s also an episode where Kou’s growth from his rather wimpy beginnings is quite evident, even if he’s still terrified of confronting his father directly (although it seems quite certain that will happen in the next episode. Or the one after that, it’ll be the last one after all).
I do wish, however, that the time allotted to all the colourful side characters was more equal. Hoshi and Sister have gotten the most screen time out of all of them, which is fine, but characters like P-ko have done hardly anything since they came in. Also…what about those guys at the welcome party, like the bird-head guy and that other woman? They were never seen again after that. I’m thinking of picking up the manga for this one; perhaps they play a bigger role there.
I’ve also been wondering lately if Shaft ran out of money or something, because we havent seen a character-specific opening since that single one with Maria, which is a real shame. Perhaps the DVD release will offer something? But anyway, all that nitpicking aside I really enjoyed this episode. Plus Takai got some brilliant moments too.

Fist of the North Star references always manage to crack me up, and I've never even seen the show itself beyond the viral youtube clips.

That's some real quality P-ko there.

That's better.

Little!Kou 8D

Out of 5,