We have a new contender for the most ridiculous looking historical costume.

You may have noticed me adding additional tags to the posts. This is not a blatant ripoff of a certain more popular blog (I did sneak in the odd tag with the First Impression posts sometimes beforehand anyway), but it can be taken as a homeage to my favourite lj community singing _robots.

The War of Austrian succession continues with Austria losing spectacularly easily against Prussia, due to the fact that England had abandoned his side due to becoming neutral after beating up France. Theresa doesn’t accept this loss at all and will not admit defeat, sending Hungary to Austria’s aid. Revealing the total badass side we Hungary-fans so do love, Hungary makes short work of the Prussian forces and so Prussia is made to retreat. Although he still manages to steal Silesia, Hungary goes after him to get it back.

I find this cap ridiculously attractive. I wonder what that says about me.

Prussia: durr wut?

England's laughing kind of scared me.

I love this outfit of Hungary's so hard.

Hungary learned some things from Russia, maybe.

I was right; part 2 of the War of Austrian Succession really did turn out much better, and as a result is an episode that manages to be both educational and hilariously fun to watch. While most people were probably waiting for Prussia to just be Prussia some more, and others maybe for Austria being fail, for me the episode was completely stolen by Hungary. Her attack on the Prussian forces was incredibly badass and all around awesome, and was a lovely demonstration as to why she’s one of my favourite female anime/manga characters. She doesn’t take crap from no one.
While Deen’s actual animation continues to be limited as hell, the artwork itself also looked really nice in this episode, with a variety of different backgrounds for once. The scene with Prussia taunting the fallen Austria was also nice due to the orange sunset glow on everything; and the Hetalia anime usually doesn’t tend to have these kind of touches.¬† Sure it’s the kind of flourishes that pretty much any other anime would take for granted, but Deen’s take on Hetalia just feels so half-assed half the time that when there’s evidence of effort it tends to stand out.
I really hope they’re animating the aftermath of the war as well, with Spain kidnapping Italy. But seeing as Deen showed Italy as Chibitalia in the last episode though, they kind of shot themselves in the foot. If they snip it because of this I’ll kind of rage because that whole part is my favourite part of the whole arc…

I'd fangirl with you, Hungary. But where exactly did she go after this arc?

Kicking ass and taking names; Hungary's back in business. Oh yeah.

I find this cap quite morbidly hilarious.

Prussia's 'aw shit' face.

You have no idea how much I love this woman.

Full marks, wooo.