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Note to readers!: Youtube links tend to be unstable and the videos can disappear without warning so I often have to change the links. If a video link is broken, please leave a comment and tell me!! I’ll fix it as soon as I can! (This goes for all other Vocaloid posts too)

Been a bit of a slow month for PVs that really grab my attention again, so this post’s offerings aren’t particularly ‘stellar’ in my humble opinion. They’re nice enough though. We’ll start with two of the many PVs to that one song no one can shut up about, Wowaka’s chart-topping Miku and Luka duet, World’s End Dancehall.

Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka: World’s End Dancehall
Song: Wowaka
PV: Genjitsutouhi-P (Reality-escape)

World’s End Dancehall has been in the top 3 since it came out, and it’s already spawned cover versions by nearly every other Vocaloid as well as a plethora of Utattemita and, by now, a few PVs. To be perfectly honest….I don’t get all the hype for this song. I think Wowaka’s Rolling Girl was a far, far superior song; WoD sounds too much like Ura-omote Lovers for my liking. (Another song that never really grabbed me as much as everyone else, although I still think it’s a good song) I will admit that the chorus of World’s End Dancehall is incredibly catchy, I just don’t really feel much in the verses. But hey, being in the top 3 for a straight month has got to count for something right?
Don’t even ask me to tell you what the hell the song is about, though. It’s Wowaka’s classic cryptic hyper-active madness, but the PVs sprouting up are doing different takes on it. Maybe it’s about someone (or two someones) who have nothing left to enjoy but dancing. This PV features some lovely animation with generous dashes of wtf – sharp eyes may note that some openings of SHAFT anime were used as a base. (For example, Miku’s running=Mariya in the Maria+Holic opening, and possibly the jump-run in the chorus too)


Miyabi’s PV is impressive in some places but flawed in others; Miku’s walking looks stiff and unnatural for example and other aspects of the animation look bizarre at times. Curiously, the style employed is heavily reminiscent of the Rolling Girl PV (in fact I had to double-check to make sure it wasnt the same person curiously regressing in animation ability), so while the animation is mostly amateurish, the closeups of Miku and Luka’s faces look very nice. It also takes a surreal approach to the song and includes pushing someone off a building, which I saw in one of the other PVs as well.  In all it’s a noble effort and makes a pretty decent PV for the song – it just could have been executed better in places.

Kagamine Rin: Pantsu Nugerumon!/I can take off my panties!
Song: TakeponG(ChomuP)

This high-ranking (it was either no.1 or 2 I’m sure) little ditty shows exactly how you can best grab people’s attention in the world of competitive Vocaloid songs – have one sing about their underwear. Or rather, taking off said underwear. Far from being overly creepy or even NSFW, however, this song is more one about liberation and Rin’s desire that people see her as an adult. (Her underwear perhaps representing her childishness and the rules she must follow – her lack thereof perhaps representing her freedom). It’ll also get stuck in your head like that and it’s really quite adorable.
The PV is also adorable; featuring some lovely art with a cute Rin. I do think her purple eyes look odd though, they look much better when they’re blue. Okay, maybe parts of the PV can come across as a little sleazy if you have those goggles on but it’s certainly the most SFW PV I’ve seen of anything with the word ‘pantsu’ in the title.

Hatsune Miku: Super Power
Song: Mol-P

uuuuuuh. Well, this is different. Something about an alien catgirl explaining to Miku the virtues, impossibilities and obtaining of super powers and being insane and reminding me a whole load of Kyouka from Kyoran Kazoku Nikki and just generally being all around “uh okay then”.  It’s somehow kind of awesome though, although it mostly defies explanation so lets just move on.

Top Pick: Hatsune Miku (Append Sweet): Kokoro Kara -Sweet Mix-
Original lyrics/music: monaca
Remix: U-ske
PV: hie

Kokoro kara (or ‘from the heart’, also likely a pun as ‘kara’ can also mean ’empty’) is one song I meant to feature on a MAD post but never got around to. The original is here, it’s a very cute and sweet little song about an unsure girl in love (you know, like most cute Vocaloid songs). I really do prefer this sweet remix though; the song gets much cuter and with a much clearer, more delicate sound that suits it very well. The slightly different PV is also lovely; I really like this Miku’s outit. It’s not immensely special…but it’s my favourite in this post, even if I know it’s not for everyone. I can’t get enough of it.

Hatsune Miku: Okotowarishimasu (I refuse/No thank you)
Music: Satsuki ga tenkomori
Illustration: Kamiyama Izumi
Movie: Atatata-P

(° ω° )

Here is a PV to the recent ear-worm that’s been sticking in the top 30 lately, and it’s incredibly adorable. It’s in a similar vein to ‘dou demo ii (I don’t care) and ‘shineba ii no ni’ (I wish they’d just die); so hum it to yourself whenever the situation calls for it.
I love the adorable office-lady Miku in the video; and her string of adorable misfortunes is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. (That sounded so mean, didn’t it)

One thought on “Vocaloid PV Post

  1. mei June 27, 2010 / 7:03 am

    is it just me, or is “world’s end” a recurring theme in vocaloid songs? “world’s end umbrella”, “world’s end dance hall”….

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