I absolutely love Nino's srs-face.

In their continued efforts to protect the land under the bridge, it’s suggested that Nino wish upon a shooting star. Or rather, two shooting stars – Hoshi and Kou, being thrown repeatedly from the bridge in the place of falling stars. Strangely, it seems to work – construction is cancelled, but Kou’s father isn’t happy with this and goes straight to the bridge himself for his first direct confrontation with his son in years. What happens there he doesn’t quite expect.

Best face ever.

Maria is my yandere-Luka.

This suits him a little too well.

I don't quite understand why Hoshi has -two- masks on, but anyway...

The start of this episode with the shooting star part was hilarious to me and one of the things that has made me laugh the most out of anything in this show so far. What came before the credits, though, was quite interesting. Usually it’s Kou’s random insight on things we get, but this time it was Nino – which made it evident to me that my hunch that Nino would save the day was at least halfway right. True, it wasn’t really her, but her meeting with Kou’s dad made a huge impact on him. This scene was really well done, not just the whole ‘like father like son’ shtick, but the way Nino’s almost indifferent attitude to this random guy she didn’t even know was Kou’s father managed to touch something inside him. It seems he’s not completely the heartless douche I took him for. The super-warm-and-fuzzy scenes with Nino and Kou together were also incredibly adorable and I give them a huge dorky thumbs up.
I did expect more of a huge confrontation between Kou and his father though, and with the bridge saved, I don’t really know what’s going to happen in the next and last episode, so I’m quite curious. And on that note, Arakawa’s been greenlit for a second season so I’m really curious about what will happen there too. I guess we’ll finally get to see those mysterious other characters.

I kind of hope this wish doesn't come true.

Like father, like son.


hnnnngh this part was so...;w;

Out of 5,