The Hetalia Fan Disc is a recently released DVD that includes Spain’s version of Maru Kaite Chikyuu plus all of the America’s Storage Cleaning and Chibitalia segments joined together into uninterrupted mini-features. And, this episode, not part of the series run itself, making it effectively an OVA.
It begins with a continuation of what was seen at the beginning of episode 2 of World Series (Chibitalia and Holy Roman Empire with cat ears), and Hungary explains to Austria what the cat ears are for – for the Cat festival from Belgium.This festival honours cats both to thank them for killing plague rats and to apologize for killing them based on witch-hunt fear-mongering.
The rest of the episode is part two of Ore-sama Nikki, Prussia’s diaries of his younger days. This segment tells how he discovered reverse-trap young Hungary was, indeed, a reverse-trap…however Hungary firmly believed she was a boy all along.

Anyway, yay for DVD-quality caps!

This is either really creepy or really adorable, I can’t quite decide.

Little Hungary has mysterious lady pains…

Oh Prussia, you little bitch~

…Prussia’s sudden worried look when Hungary said she felt sick was pretty damn cute.

…so the continuation of two strips is an OVA? I really don’t get why this episode isn’t part of World Series. Timeline wise, it seems like it was originally meant to be episode 3 of World Series but then someone decided that underage boob-groping wasnt appropriate for a web-casted anime whose audience is used to things far less appropriate anyway. It’s pretty baffling to me (particularly the explanation for the Cat Festival thing because that clip with Chibitalia and HRE at the start of episode 2 of WS just made no goddamn sense without it)…but, in a way, it’s also good that it’s on this Fan Disc because the episode is charming enough to make me want to buy the damn thing. (Well, this and Spain’s MKC)
Both of the sources for the material in this OVA are near and dear to me, so I was determined to love it from the start, and love it I did. There is something very endearing about Hungary’s gender-confused child self, not to mention pint-sized Prussia; and the moment where Prussia realizes ‘holy shit Hungary’s really a girl’ was something I’d been dying to see animated since I read the strip. (And it’s just as priceless in the anime too, as well as Hungary’s nonchalant declaration that everybody grows a penis when they get older). Come to think of it, maybe it was the mention of the word ‘penis’ that made this an OVA, and if so, honestly, Deen? However, I do hope that this OVA thing takes off some more; perhaps we could get more episodes with strips deemed too risque for the series proper that way.

I guess Hungary’s an early-developer. Makes me wonder when Ukraine’s started growing.

I love this reaction.

But I love Hungary’s ‘bitch plz’ face even more.

It’s just funny to see Prussia as the NON-deluded one for a change.

God’s second appearance in the anime.

5 out of 5, yay!