Here we have irrefutable proof of timetravel. This series was clearly created in the 90s and fell through a gap in the time space continuum.

People scream at zombies at a school where it is against the rules for girls above a certain bust size to wear bras.

Because your foreheads so big.

It seems like every season there is a show that everyone loves that I think is just plain stupid. Last season it was Heroman, before that it was Dance in the Vampire Bund. And now there’s this show, which has inexplicably gotten an average rating of  9.33 on MyAnimeList. It’s typical zombie fare; everyone becomes zombies for reasons not explained (in this episode) and everyone else runs around screaming for 20 minutes, and, if they are a girl, flashing their underwear and causing the blobs of wobbly jelly on their chests to jiggle ridiculously. There is a lot of gore, a lot of fanservice, and a lot of screaming. For some people this is a Jolly Good Time, for others it looks like the kind of anime that people who don’t like anime like to assume that all anime is like.
Sure, it’s nicely animated, and I’m sure this could have been entertaining popcorn fare if, one, the characters weren’t so gratingly annoying. The main girl Rei does little else but scream so that the nice strong men can protect her, and by the end of the episode I was hoping that she’d just get eaten by a zombie already because it might make her character more interesting. There’s also a pink haired tsundere girl who is every other pink haired tsundere girl (except filtered through the incredibly 90’s-esque style), Dark Haired Girl With a Sword no.2452469  and some blond woman with torpedos for boobs. Oh, and the male lead, who I almost forgot about due to him being so boring.  Two, the laughably dumb fanservice. Ridiculous bouncing boobs are something that only tends to ‘work’ in a comedy anime, once you put them in a scenario you are clearly meant to be taking seriously, the entire thing loses all credibility and it ends up…well, ridiculous.
Thing is, I’m sure nobody cares about everything that sucks about this show because those boobs are the only reason most people are watching this anime to begin with. 9.33, fellow anime fans? Really?

Wow I’ve never seen a character like this before! Not ever! /sarcasm

Out of 5,