Look who's finally back!

Yeah, Princess Tutu is! I’m pretty much done with new season previews; however I wont be able to blog anything this season because I’m going back to my university dorm for final semester, where internet downloads are strictly limited. (Hetalia’s okay, since it’s only 5 minutes. Speaking of which, where the hell is this week’s raw?) I’m actually thinking of buying the first season box set of Shakugan no Shana and reviewing that, just for this blog’s mascot. In any case, I will have the Black Rock Shooter DVD early next month so I’ll be able to do that, and Ariana will still be blogging Shiki. I’ll also do oddly timed figure reviews.
Fakir can’t understand why he was able to so easily write a story about Ahiru/Princess Tutu, yet he can not seem to write one about Mytho. He wonders if the story he wrote about Ahiru was thus something he was intended to do all along.
As Rue starts to break down knowing the truth about her ‘father’, she realizes that even if Mytho does get all his heart back, the raven in the story will be brought back to life and thus claim his heart completely. She thus tells Ahiru to not attempt this….however, Edel tells Ahiru that the final heart shard is the necklace that allows her to transform.
The problem of course being that if she gives up that shard, she’ll remain a duck forever, but with Mytho already half crow, time is getting scarce.

This is so damn cute.

This show is going to make me scared of crows forever.




Two more episodes after this! I’ll probably have the series done by the end of the month. Anyway, while this episode was maybe a bit slow in the first half, the second half made up for it for having quite a lot of emotion and adorableness. I particularly liked more of Rue’s flashback scenes…she really is the cutest little kid.
I’m thinking about now that Ahiru is one of my favourite female protagonists ever; something about the way she calmly comforted the crying Uzura about her becoming a duck forever really tugged at my heart-strings. Her acceptance of this fate – contrasting with Rue’s breakdown and Fakir’s own doubts, as well as Mytho’s corruptibility, really showed that she’s really the strongest character out of all of them.
There isn’t a great deal I’m able to say about these episodes towards the end that isn’t repeating myself…but anyway, good stuff.

I think she looks really pretty here...

D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D:!

I keep thinking the red shard Mythos don't wear any pants.

Yep, scared of crows forever. Thanks Princess Tutu!

Mytho manages to be fabulous even as FreakyCrowMonsterBoy.