Turkey’s first appearance in the most badass outfit to ever have a pompom hat.

Continuing where last week left off;  the masters of the poker face Japan and Greece try their hardest to get angry. Greece manages to solely by thinking about his nemesis Turkey, but Japan is never visibly angry even when he is inside.
ChibiRomano continues on his way for his 3 day break, getting mad that Spain wont leave him alone, and he starts to get depressed thinking about the differences between him and his brother. Northern Italy always received more benefits from Rome, is better at trade and painting and is more well-liked.

-insert generic bitching about skin colours-

This was pretty much my face hearing Funimation’s previews for the dub voices.

I don’t think Deen are going to let Spain tell you why.

Am I the only one who thinks the cloak kind of makes him resemble a Hobbit?

There didn’t seem to be all that much content in this episode for some reason or other; likely because with Greece taking so long to say anything, it takes much longer to get through those segments.  They really do work better in manga format, and are the arch-nemesis of the 5 minute time frame…but I still do like seeing Greece. I just wonder why they didn’t show the whole strip (where Japan gets visibly angry and Greece calls Turkey just to tell him this…although they could randomly slot this into another episode I guess.) The plot also hasn’t progressed all that much with ChibiRomano (I do not remember it being anywhere near as slow as this in the manga), although this installment of it is more concerned with educating the audience a little about the vast differences between the North and South of Italy. Which is neato and interesting and all…but the episode is hardly what I’d call riveting in any way.
And then that damn bird comes along and I lol for ages. France’s ‘GO PIERRE” was also incredibly awesome (with the dramatic echo and all). It makes me want to see one of those voice-clip MADs set to tunes, made entirely from France quotes, just so that one could be used. Come on, Nico. Don’t let me down.

When Pedo-Shelves attack.

…thing is I kinda always thought Romano looked more like Rome than N.Italy did.

This damn bird made this whole episode memorable to me.

Plus France’s fabulous Pokemon trainer thing. 

Out of 5,