BAMF time, oh yeah.

Firstly, the conclusion to Greece and Japan’s Adventures in Getting Angry in which Japan manages to make himself angry by thinking about the rising price of eggs, a spectacle so amazing that Greece rings Turkey to ask for a camera.
And then after 60+ episodes of waiting it’s finally time for Running away with Su-san; where Finland and Sweden escape Denmark’s rule together after Sweden decided he couldn’t stand living under Denmark any longer. Finland is terrified of Sweden (who is veeeeeeeeeeery interested in Finland), but he’s actually much softer on the inside than his exterior lets on.

Aaaaaw Lithuania.

I just had to cap this title screen. I mean... look at it. It's like some kind of soapie or drama. And that's even without the music and ~*sparkles~* that came up. Fabulous.

I wonder how many times I've bitched about Finland's eyes on this blog.

Yay! I'll elaborate below.

As you can see, Deen have changed Sweden’s hair colour from the perplexing brown of his cameo in episode 1 to a more suitable blond, the second time they seemed to have changed a character’s appearance (likely due to fanwank; remember when Greece first appeared…?). Whilst in an ideal anime it would be a much lighter blond and he wouldn’t look so much like Germany with glasses, this is a step forward in any case that I’m happy with. He actually looks Swedish now, for one thing. Which means all I can really bitch about in this episode is Finland’s eye colour but I’ve done that already.
Well, there is the GreeceJapan segment, which rounds of the strip from last week with its conclusion – cheesy pun and all. Again it feels too drawn out compared to the manga but it’s one of the funnier Greece/Japan moments in my opinion, but for those who are sick of the two, it’s over relatively quickly.
This is a very good episode for me because Deen cut no corners with Sweden and Finland. As Sweden is the only Hetalia character to be confirmed gay by Himaruya (likely a nod to Sweden apparently being the most gay-friendly country in the world), I was half-anticipating Deen to cut the end of the strip short, so I’m glad they didn’t. And after all this time waiting to see him, I think he does pretty well in anime form as well – I love his voice, and the loltastic music they used to emphasize his ‘scary aura’ was pretty awesome.
I think it’s also good that Deen actually thought to show Denmark this time,(even if it’s more of a split second cameo than anything else) since he never appeared in the original strip (although I don’t even think Denmark’s design existed at that time). (Granted this does make what they did with Holland in the War of Austrian Succession seem even stupider in comparison)

Then stop being so moe. Actually, no, don't.

Oh Sweden, so smooth.

I could make some joke about him subconsciously drooling over Sweden but it's too easy.

Sweden has all the facial variation of a spoon but man I love him.

Out of 5,